Qwetu Hostels

Gentlemen, who has successfully hunted at Qwetu Parklands near Stima plaza? I went and parked there last week but didn’t manage to pull a stunt as most ghels were in groups, and also didn’t see any other guy with similar mission despite what I’ve read here. Leteni tips

Scenario 1


Scenario 2

Qwetu sio Koinange Street where you find them lined up waiting to be picked.Infact,most girls who reside there are from very well to do families,so the typical random ways of picking girls can’t work here.I have banged three girls residing at Qwetu hurlinghum opposite DoD.I picked one at a wines and spirits along argwings kodhek.This is actually the only wines and spirits nearest to qwetu in hurlingham.They have designed the place such that they have the regular displays of alcohol shelves,but they have concealed a place for sitting behind the shelves which is also heavily tinted from the outside.Qwetu students hang out there from as early as 10am.Ingia hapo,buy Gordon’s gin and ruka the other side and sip and chill mosmos.From the sitting area you can see the guys coming to buy drinks but they can’t see you.Hawa ma qwetu girls usually have their own campus related stress eg exams,pressure to perform from parents etc so they come there to drink even asubui.From where you are seated you will see them coming in buying three or four savannahs and coming right in to sit next to you.Strike a conversation and go with the flow Hizo Savanah zake zikiisha mwongeze zingine mbili.Ask for her number.Kidogo kidogo call her and ask to meet her there again.Wanakuanga ma groupies,so chance ya kutokea na mabeste zake ni real.Hapo ndio sasa una apply social skills.At the back of their mind wanajuanga tu mwanaume hutaka ku tap eventually.They are well versed about this by their parents and guardianswhen they move to these hostels by their parents and guardians.The good thing is that this means akikubali umbaie drink uko one foot inside,so the next step depends on how well you play your cards.Call her consistently sana sana Thursdays and Fridays.Ile siku amekushow she is too tired,fake how concerned you are.Ask her if she is OK ama she needs you to take anything to her hostel,whether alcohol ama kukito ama Java ama artcafe (all these are literally next to each other in Hurlingham).The chances of a upper middle class girl saying no to these trappings on a Thursday or Friday afternoon after class would be very low.The moment she says yes,buy her the Savanahs or whichever alcohol,pitia Java ubuy kakitu ka kukula (this will guilt trip her in case she is tempted to not give you poosy) halafu pitia goodlife Pharmacy and buy a packet of durex Featherlite.Fika kwa room,hug yeye,remember that you are already acquainted coz mlijuania pale wines.Pea yeye drinks na food,halafu go with the flow.Never show them you are a cheapskate.Ni madem from well to do families who rent the hostels for upto 32k per month (though kuna shared za 10k na zenye sio premium za 24k per month).The point is hawa sio madem unaeza Katia design ya madem wakuishi ngara hostels.But they are very katiarable and deenyable.Just follow the above described mode of action in a qwetu hostel near you because the owners choose locations where such amenities exist.

Kwani wanasoma wapi…
Seems too much effort…
Why describe simping in so many words…

Mostly Daystar,UON parallel,USIU.Venye unakatia dem wa Githurai sio venye unakatia fem wa uptown.There is a method to the madness.You may call it simping or whatever you like.You can also walk into SJ and pay for 300bob for a quickie.Its all good.The goal is to nut afterall.

Scenario 3
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Never spend more than fixed price Kwa pucci.

Sawa masta

Back in my village there are some Wazees living miserables lives, ukiuliza mbona unaambiwa alikuwa Nairobi miaka mingi na kazi kubwa lakini Wanawake walimaliza pesa zake.

Mambo ya village yenyu ya kukunywa busaa wacha ibaki huko.Hapana letea Enigma poverty mindset ya Khwisero.Wee endelea kudeenya mamboch ndio usiishi miserable life in your 90s.

Mimi ni Mungich son of Maumau, Huko kwetu its a curse to park a BMW na unaishi nyumba ya Nyas kama huko Kwenyu Usenge.
Jaluo Jeuri Jangili Jinga
wewe :smiley:
Thìe kiumaga.

Ng’ony meru wuod mungiki.Dhi nang’ chund meru mosssss.

Strangely in my experience lugha tu ndio muhimu kwa hao madem wa USIU na Daystar. Ata drink si lazma ikuwe expe. They already have material things, what they don’t have is experiences. My last fwb alikuwa usiu. Nilimpeleka tu coffee date, then walk karura. Then third date my bedroom. Another one wa Daystar nilimuita Subway akacome na beshte yake ati anataka kuona how I look like. Huyo beshte yake eventually nilipita na yeye (even though she had a boyfriend, fear women), on the second meetup. Mwingine wa Strath nilimbuyia keg ju nilijua she has never tried it. Ungeona vile macho yake ililight up ni as if ako underground cocaine party. Baadaye mutura pia which she said looks disgusting but after kuonja akachange opinion.
But that was back nikiwa 18-23. I’m sure sai it’s different given that mimi ni “mzee” compared to that time when I was around the same age with them. So maybe strategy ya @Agwambo works past 25


zile mashida wanaume wa Mark X na Subaru hupitia ni mingi. Yaani unatoka kwa nyumba unaenda kukaa nje ya hostels ukingoja dem umkatie. Are things just too easy for me or is it the charm of a mechanized infantry of AMG?

:D:D:Dto each his own…venye wao husema no one is getting out of this life alive tuwache kusettiya watu wengine standards :smiley:

This is too much work just for one pussy. Best way to win over a girl from a well-to-do family is to give her a new experience. A few wild stories and a tour of your favorite dingy watering joint will have her wet and ready for you to slide in with the niceness. These girls love danger, that’s the key to getting into their pants :D:D:D

Yet brayo humdara corridor na anapewa coomer bure… A woman is a woman

Bro,huoni kama hio wild new experience ndio too much work?With this scenario you get them at their ecosystem and get the wetcrack without doing a out of town