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Dating can be tough. It can be especially tougher if you think the best way to meet women is by observing them through a pair of bicoculars from behind bushes. And I’m not speaking hypothetically here. This idiot actually parked his car in some bushes (for hours) and was disappointed to find all the women hanging out in groups :D:D :

Another creep is @Kuna Vitu Sipendi. There’s no better way to charm a lady than by asking her to prepare a large mound of Ugali and then shit in a bucket:

You two have made it absolutely clear that you’re creeps – undateable creeps.So here’s my advice: Forget about dating. Forget about women in general. Whenever you feel horny, fold your hands into the shape of a vagina, and then fùck that hand.

Huyo wa Qwetu ndo ameninice:D:D People out there are weird and desperate

they’re the sort of guys who make the rest of us look good by comparison. When your girlfriend is used to peeing and shitting in a basin, it doesn’t take much to impress her. All you gotta do is not make a fuss about water :D:D:D

Or, you know, not ask her to shit in a “karai.”

Are you horny or something nigga? Hii asubuhi yote kabla uende kanisa uombe Mungu na kumshukuru vile ameleta mvua wewe uko hapa unafuatilia maneno ya wanaume wengine. Ama ukimaliza kunyonga PNC yako hukuonyesha uanze kustalk fellow villagers? Shenzi type.

“karai” ni nini wewe mshamba? How do you ask a lady to prepare ugali and then urinate in a bucket? izi tabia baki nazo kwenu :D:D

Hapo kwa karai nayo ulikuwa umekuja sana. Bill ya maji rarely goes past 1k even in the most active of households sasa hii yako ni bill gani?

Let us not at any moment underestimate the number of men who wink at women in darkness.

how do you ask someone to shit in a basin. Hii jamaa lazima ako mentally challenged.

Atleast they are not targeting men

As a man you grow up chasing women. Then it comes a time later in life, when they go after you. And i mean those young pretty ones. But you know that they are not after you because of your fading good looks:)


:smiley: Just thinking… normal flush= 16 litres. 20 minute interval flushes for 24 hours = 1152 litres per day. 1 month come we stay= 35,712 litres. Hapo pia mimi nakupea karai very fast.

Naona mmepata kitu ya kuwank nayo!

Aii how big is your cistern ? The kawaida ones are normally 6-10l .

Older models fit a basin of 16 litres. Usiulize nilijuaje. Kuna time unaflush na kamavi kamoja kanabaki na hauna time ya kungoja ijae tena so unafungua hapo juu unaeka na karai direct for a proper flush.

Heheheheh! Floaters…
That shit :meffi: (literally) only happens when you are in someone else’s loo and there’s no fvckin karai in sight.

Floating poop is caused by a malabsorption disorder like celiac disease or Crohn’s disease. Get checked my man

Unanunua maji per litre?

Hauna degree wewe.

Leta hesabu ya degree holder.