Zuku or Safaricom Fibre. My final decision!

I have been using both Zuku and Safricom for a while now and I am confident I can make an informed conclusion. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Safaricom being more expensive on each package and also bandwith issues. You cannot use two devices at once when downloading large files on one device. For Zuku is it is limited massively even on higher packages in speed and will often cut out randomly for no reason.

Today I made my decision when using Zuku 30mbs and couldn’t even stream SD video. At first I though it was an issue with the streaming sites but I tested several and it was the same thing. I finally got pissed and renewed my 10mbs saf and my HD streams are seamless.

I can bare the shitty bandwith but there is no way I am tolerating disappointing speeds. Fuck Zuku. Sufferingcon forever.

kama hakuna Faiba kwa findings zako then hii ni kelele ya chura

my experience with safaricom has been flawless …safaricom beats faiba and zuku and all others

Meanwhile Safaricom has signed with Huawei to upgrade their 4G network in preparation for 5G in 2020. I’m watching this keenly.

[SIZE=6]Safaricom unveils 400G network[/SIZE]
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2019 21:09
https://www.businessdailyafrica.com/image/view/-/5002632/medRes/2265426/-/maxw/960/-/2ioib8/-/bob.jpgSafaricom CEO Bob Colymore (left) and chief technology officer Thibaud Rerolle during a past function in Nairobi. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU

Safaricom has unveiled its partnership with Chinese technology giant Huawei which will provide it with the world’s first end-to-end 400G backbone network. Making the announcement at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Wednesday, Safaricom’s chief technology officer Thibaud Rerolle said the partnership will increase the telco’s efficiency and reliability of services. The latest technology will enable Safaricom support its growing internet needs and video streaming services for its home and mobile customers, thus giving the company more freedom with how it uses its network while supporting heavy usage by subscribers.

“The 400G solution will support the continued growth of our network which is being driven by an explosion in internet usage. Mobile data usage on our network has been doubling year-on-year while our fibre network now reaches more than 220,000 homes and 17,000 businesses across more than 10 towns. It was therefore prudent to invest in the latest network technology to ensure that we can support the demand from our customers for years to come,” said Mr Rerolle.

The network will be rolled out in two phases with Nairobi and Mombasa set to be the first to be connected. The 400Gbps network connection is said to be capable of transmitting “50 gigabytes of data every second — or, enough to stream 16,000 ultra-high-definition movies simultaneously,” according to researchers at Indiana University. In the two years to September 2018, Safaricom has experienced a four-fold growth in average data usage per customer, from 160 megabytes to 640 megabytes per customer per month. Safaricom 4G coverage grew to more than 2,600 sites providing coverage to more than 53 percent of the country’s population while its 3G coverage now offers high-speed broadband to more than 91 percent of the population. Safaricom has also laid more than 5,500 kilometres of fibre linking its masts in more than 16 major towns.

Never had any issue with zuku faiba and I watch alot of stuff on netflix and youtube

i think you mean 4G?

I don’t mean that kind of streaming. Live streaming is what I am talking about. Most of the files you see on Youtube and Netflix are rendered server side to be streamed even on poor connections. Live streaming is different since many streamers don’t bother to set adaptive streams so you are set with high quality frames.

Faiba haijafika kwetu.

Sure… but it doesnt everything I check out on youtube or netflix is rendered server side on zuku. The isp only renders what someone else has attempted to download and this is stored on their servers. And believe me, I watch alot of netflix/youtube on a seperate laptop (I have the 2nd laptop there for this very purpose) as I work

I remember you bought a Huawei device recently even when presented with a sea of better alternatives so yeah, I kinda understand your modus operandi

Faiba is really good. Lakini connection fee - they quoted 15k installation fee nikasema washa ikae

Niko tu sawa na Zuku. I stream football without mashida ivi ivi.

Pretentious bastard. Continue buying your expensive phones. Ile siku itaibiwa usikuje kutulilia huku because you have to save another year to buy another phone.

Safaricom huwa poa as from 20 Mbps


4G stands for 4th generation in terms of mobile bandwidth.

400G stands for Gbit/s which means more faster data speeds for use in streaming 4K videos, streaming games, more Netflix, faster downloads etc.

Safaricom is rolling out the first commercially viable network in the world.

So I hope Kenyans will take advantage and start streaming by playing online games, better teleconferencing usage in hospitals, more smart systems like traffic lights, we can develop self-driving car tech, etc.

Kenya is a sleeping giant in the tech scene…

alright got it 4G and 400G

260000 for a folding phone. Alafu una fuliza, umejaza, Tala, Branch etc. Clearly people are different.

The way Zuku started behaving its like they are sure they won’t be around for a long time. Increasing subscription fees and forcing people to change fwaa…then saying u get some 50% off if u reconnect within a certain time…of which not all customers get. (Selective treatment and packages even for clients in one street).

For the first time since sufferringcon locked me with mpesa,I support!

No, he’s right 400G.