Zuku or Safaricom Fibre. My final decision!

yeah he’s right …sikua nimeelewa

i have been on the 10mbps saf home fiber and i have no regrets whatsoever down time is very rare and if it occurs, not more than 5 minutes

I had been on Zuku 30mbs for a long time and downgraded to 5mbs last month and there’s no difference in my streaming experience. I can still stream with GeforceNow - the only problem is frameloss and long ping.

Its 4G LTE +
3G speeds hufika maximum of 99 mbps no matter the names they give it, after which it becomes 4G
4G huanzia 100mbps upto 1GBPS after which its 5G
5G should be from 1GBPS
400G/400mbps is 4G at faster speeds no matter what name we give it.
Yaani tunataka kuingia 5G and we have not yet exhausted 4G

naskia uruminatti watatumia 5G to fry our brains

In the text it is clear that 400G represents data transfer speeds of 400Gbps equivalent to downloading 50GB file in one second.

Internet na masimu zitafanya watu wawe walking dead
5G ikishaiingia (30,000 GHZ-70,000 GHZ frequencies) apart from frying our cells, watu wataukwa zoombies (controlled)

400G is 4G LTE plus at 400mbps is still 4G no matter what name we give it. 400Gbps is crazy speeds where hata 5G at its initial stages haitapita 20GBPS. Just like 4G ilianza na izo slow speeds initially
Ethernet and other networking hardware zishaundwa za ku-accomodate 500GBPS ikifika

Then they made a typo. Anyway hata 4g yenyewe we are actually playing at around 32Mbps naskia kuna ya 300/150Mbps LTE ya safaricom in major towns sasa

This is still 3G no matter what name we give it. 4G speeds starts at 100Mbps.
Iyo 32Mbps means tulikimbilia 4G even before we exhausted 3G, just like they want to do with 5G

but 3G ilikiwa na theoretical speed ya 21Mbit/s which you never get close to in real world

You do realize 400G is a fixed line thing right???