youtube is turning your kids g..ay

You can’t turn someone gay, it’s inborn

Spoken like a true faggot

@T.Vercetti ,kamu hia kwikli. Were you born like that ama uliekelewa mchele and you ended up being who you are? What makes a gender sexually attracted to its own same gender? Do people wake up geh? Ama kuna food that re-wires one’s prefference ama its genetics? [SIZE=1]asking for my dearly departed mongrel [/SIZE]

If one could turn another person gay, there would be very few straight women on the African continent.

they are normalizing it by awarding faggets and making kids think being gay is cool… read some psychology
Normalization (sociology) | Psychology Wiki | Fandom

So what do you suggest then?? In my few years on the planet, I have realized that women live the dick more than anything.

Where do you guys get this idea that some can become gáy by simply watching a movie? If you become gáy after watching a movie then you were gáy to begin with.

I’ve watched gáy themed movies since I was a teenager why the hell I’m I not gay yet. Just this year alone I’ve watched King of Knives, Dating Amber, Ammonite, Happiest Season, Kajilionaire, Bad Education, Uncle Frank, The Boys in the Band ,The Haunting of Bly Manor, Hightown, Killing Eve, etc. Yet still the switch hasn’t flipped.

this is youtube’s best creator award 2020 ceremony… all the awards went to faggets and pretty women with no talent…

They always target children. Because if children are raised seeing it as normal they will not be hostile to it when they grow up like the way the current generation is hostile.
By the way this is how the wazungus broke the aborigines in Australia and in Kenya it is how they created the homeguards class. The children are the future
Really it’s a form of programming.

You’re truly gay, you just don’t know it yet. The fact that you memorized all gay flicks you watched this year is very weird. I cant even remember the last flick I watched. @Smith_ nakuonea mbali tumia your real account.

:smiley: I love movies. I watch tonnes of them and I remember most of them because I discuss them with other people online.

It has been observed that majority of gay people are victims of child abuse, so that’s one way people are turned gay

You are truly homosexuals, siku moja kuna ndume itakupita umfuate umuinulie kinyambi.

Niaje Nairobi gaay?

Tulia bana.

While it is true that most boys born effeminate turn out to be gay or bisexual, diet also plays a huge role in it.
So a boy may be born with all the qualities of masculinity, but if the parents subject them to diet with chemicals associated with effeminacy, with favourable rules and attitudes towards homosexuality, then these boys will likely turn out to be homosexual.

But be cautious of masculine men (so called bears) who are gay or bisexual. That’s a whole other story all together

Where’s the data backing this “observation”? How many men do you know, who were sexually abused at infancy or as children who turned out gay?


I’ve got news for you