youtube is turning your kids g..ay

And sexual behavior is IMMENSELY influenced by social norms. That’s why Greek culture had so many gay unions.

And per the biggest study on the subject, culture is a greater influence on sexual behavior than any biological (genetic) markers

Here is a quick summary:

75 percent of sexual behavior is influenced by social and environmental factors. Only 25 percent can be related to genetic pre-desposition and GENETIC influence isn’t strong enough predict sexuality…

And this is the biggest study on the subject ever: .

So, the idea that children can be socialized into gay behavior is quite valid.

The idea that gay men and women are born not made is quite in contradiction of the relevant literature.

75 percent is under social environmental factors, and only 25 percent is related to genetic pre-despositions

@Buckets the scientific literature is adamant that genetic influence cannot predict sexual behavior. 75 percent of sexual behavior is learnt (influenced by soci-environmental factors, if you please)

Faggotism is not inborn. Its a corruption of the mind

Critics will call this new film from JT ‘stunning’ and ‘brave’

Its actually true, there is alot of effort by Hollywood, liberals activists and media to turn many ppl into lgbtq. Siku hizi in the west being masculine male inaitwa kuwa toxic while women who exhibit the same trait are called strong and brave.

Itapewa awards.

:smiley: made @uwesmake gay. He was watching too much shemale content

and after we are all gay next is pedophilia then Beastiality…

mtu akinunua mbuzi yake aitombe kwa privacy yake sina shida nayo bora asituletee parades. but mahomo wakuwe lynched

parades ndio itafanya ikue acceptable. so hapo huna bahati
same way mtu anaeza kuwa homo kwa nyumba yake but wanataka kila mtu aone na kukubali.
tough times ahead

Very gaaaay thread

:D:D:D ati Uncle Frank ?

Tuseme ilibaki nephew ameandika screeplay juu ya ile kivumbi alionyeshwa.

Lakini si wewe unakuwaga homo?

Ama hujijui?

Na ashinde best actor Oscar. The guy is just playing smart. If you want an Oscar then make it a ga.y film.

This year there are several films that portray the joys and necessity of abo.rtions. Abo.rtion portrayed in very good light for the next generation of teens to accept it as cool, safe and desirable.

I’ve only watched 2 there. Thanks for the suggestions.

Lol, which diet is that exactly?

Alarmist much?

Let people enjoy in peace


i think the world is bored and doesnt have much to do.
(if you watch all predictions -from the late 2000s) of where we would be ib the 2020s and where we are, not much is happening. somewhere along the way we stalled)

so we have to find something else to do. what better way than to start legalizing all the illegal stuff. we are already been conditioned on LGBTQ+, Incest, Weed, Peodophilia … so its a matter of time before we normalize the, get bored and look for the next illegal thing to legalize.

Human behavour is easliy predicatble. (we will also start hunting Humans and killing them Legally)

Homosexual upus

Not me, pole. I don’t run multiple handles here!!