Meru county among other counties have begun a trend where young jobless,penniless aspirants win against money bags big wigs who were PSs and CSs. Mwirigi an orphan educated by bursaries was elected MP this election. 2013 Gatobu a jobless youth won over PSs and rich businessmen. Is our politics moving away from bribery to manifesto and personal aspirant’s appeal and integrity.

2013 Gatobu was not jobless

Alikuwa job wapi? Si he was a volunteer teacher mashinane? Hebu nihamasishe!

He would have landed in 2/4 of the big 4s. He opted to go for teaching.

My point is he didn’t have money like his competitors!

My point is he was not jobless!. Mtu anawacha opportunity for a big 4 to go be a teacher has done his calculations well!

these ‘new comers’ wakishatokea wanaenda kulamba matako ya big fish. like that 23 y.o. mwirigi guy…if I were him I’d deny the car gift by jubilee n build myself independently. he has only pushed his political dreams further from being achievable. #instantgratification ndio alipenda

Ok! He could have taken jobs but chose to volunteer teach and therefore was not moneyed like his opponents

Si even PKs running mate Roney quit his job in a blue chip for politics?

“Jobless” in quotes", Like saying people who have money(of course everyone has money). So I get where mwari is coming from.

This guy is so poor sidhani angekataa hata nduthi let alone Prado. Beggars cant be choosers!

Makena, are you usually happy? Just as your name signifies? I would like to know…

Skiza hizi nyimbo za mwimbaji maarufu kutoka meru na utainuliwa

stop derailing my thread pls

Btw ule rapist wa Imenti Central alirudi?

but they can be wise.

Politics is just dirty, Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga was elected as an independent candidate, he immediately switched to Jubilee side, now he can’t address even a funeral gathering in his constituency.

Wacha kutu enjoy.Who in there right would refuse such a car.We are not going to live in this world forever.Life is too short kuringa.Do you know how long it will take for him until he reaches a point where he can get such a car.Blessings come in different way.I hope he brings development in my county and kenya in general.

Very myopic for him to accept the gift from Ouru. He can walk into any bank and get a loan to buy that car that he will repay in less than one year.

Loan?Seriously?Do you know what loan can do to someone?Loans should be avoided completely.

Loan=stress=followed by bank every time=switching off the phone not to be contacted by the bank=Defaulting=Property been auctioned=Broke=Death.