Someone with a net salary of above 1M can afford that. Ningekutusi lakini…

It’d have taken him a month of being wise in his position to get his own car. you meant to say hongo comes in different ways. He will just turn out to be another muthaura…die leaving no legacy. but let’s give him time… hata Ruto alikuwa anabebea raila birkin bag

Let him take the car.He will buy a new car when time reaches.He will choose to give away the current car or sell it.Loans are not good.What if he gets impeached before he finishes paying the loan?

Indeed, he was doing alot of voluntary work in schools. Maybe it was a means to an end

@Mundu politics of western baffle me to no end. Why can’t he address a funeral

Peasants consoling themselves. My friend, listen to kina Warren Buffet na uwachane na stories za muguka base. Rich people use other people’s money(debt) to forge ahead. Peasants are the ones who worry about defaulting on repayment.

You can’t recall an MP at this juncture, until after 2 years. Loans are awesome

Pewa kitu kwa bill ya mine

I for one niko na loan ya 4.9m. Hustle iko chini but the last thing on my mind is how to repay it. Instead, I am worrying on how to make money in another hustle.

Wewe uko league kubwa kuniliko but hope soon nitakufikia, nataka kujaza 1m soon. Good for encouragement. Am taking baby steps

If you take a loan to invest and you are sure you are capable of paying promptly there is no problem.But people take loans to enrich their lifestyles after seeing what other people have.Somebody should not brag with something he/she bought with a loan yet he/she is not paying.Me and loan hatupatani.Jiongezeeni mashida tu.

Wewe endelea kusema loans are awesome.Kuna siku itafika ndio utajua hujui loans si ndwele.

Baas.Shida ziuanza hivyo?Then defaulting=crb=blacklisted=property auctioned=broke=kaput.

Boss I personally don’t fear loans, the far that most of us have gone is by taking loans. Taking a loan for lifestyle ni Upuusi wa hali ya juu. That’s what women in merry go round do, buying sofa set, clothes and other household stuff. Yes loan is painful but it makes you grow

The President made a pledge to John Paul. He delivered and JP accepted. Meru is largely pro-Uhuru. JP may not need to take bunge car loan. He can now concentrate on Service delivery and establishing himself.

Personally sioni ubaya.

I simply chill out and start all over again. The worst regrets in your life will be for those shots you never took. You miss the target by the shots you never take.

I believe Kalenjins have been doing this for quite a long time now going back to the DP William Ruto himself and in the last parliament there was a senator and MCA who were elected while campaigning on boda boda. If am not wrong, the youngest governor is from there not forgetting the cook and watchman who bagged elective seats there.

akule kukula since there is no going back. tamaa mbele mauti nyuma.

Bob collymore told Ronnie that if they don’t win his job will be waiting for him. After campaigns Ronnie went back to his job

Kenyans love free things and their leaders love them more than mwanainchi