Of late Xiaomi has become a popular phone manufacturer mainly for great specs at an affordable price.
Most of us have at least heard of the brand but not everyone has used the devices.
For the ones who have used the phones esp redmi note 4 (am thinking of getting one) , how is your experience,have you encountered any problems with the device and can you buy another XIAOMI.
How is
[li]Battery life [/li][li]User interface [/li][li]Camera [/li][li][ATTACH=full]141195[/ATTACH] [/li][/ul]

@Deorro the village naomi spokeman kam ujulishe huyu mjamaa

Am using one recommended by one mr @Deorro. Very nice phone.

Which model

Note 5.my bro has note 4.got it from avechi while 5 from china… Good phone so far in terms of battery life, user interface is simple… No crazy inbuilt apps… Enda ununue.

you can’t go wrong with the battery life even when 4g is on and you’re constantly in use.
just try get it with fast charge.

Battery life is superb. Camera pia si mbaya. Though screen inachapa haraka


What’s your budget?

My Redmi note 4 was delivered juzi, the build is solid. kama huna speedi, ngojea Redmi note 5 in Jan, screen is much better

ebu angalia XDA if kuna a ported Google Camera for it. Utapata orgasms

My Xioami Redmi note 3 pro has served me behold expectations over the last one year. Solid battery life even on 4g and incredible developer community that has allowed me to run stock Android 8.0 Oreo bug free.:slight_smile:


have had xiaomi for the last 5 years .very nice solid phones.started with a mi3 then redmi note 4 .what i love is their cloud support .evn after you clean flash you dont lose anything photos,messages,contacts ,notes.everythimg comes back.

I know a supplier. @syndicate. Ill just use this Fero for now by March next year go for a badder Xiaomi

Da fuck! It’ll be running on SD 625. Thought it should be running on the latest SD

Xioami are not new you are new

Kulikuwa na rumors it will be on the new SD660. Though it can’t be on the 800 series since hizi ni midrange going towards budget phones

Oh, nmeleewa hapo sasa, pricing unaona ikiwa mangapi, hiyo 4/64Gb version? Nmeona screen ni almost bezel-less

Bought a budget mi 4x. my bro akaona apps intersting mob nimeistall. Akatumia flashshare kutransfer every app aliona interesting from my xiaomi to his tecno… Alass only 30% za app ziliweza kufanya…
In other words, xiaomi is a solid device. All hardware ambazo a smartphone should have utapata kwa hii simu at a very cheap price.