Hii Naomi itabidi ata mimi nimejipanga nishike moja sasa

Naona nitanunua moja :slight_smile:

[ATTACH]141383[/ATTACH] welcome to Naomi world hakuna fake,no need to carry a cumbersome powerbank with you wherever you go battery saver yake ni noma sana .

What about build quality ya phone,
The display??

Using one, my lastborn cracked it’s screen by dropping it on the tiles.3 weeks ago.

Technology za siku hizi ni expensive to replace. Wangu alipasua TV, lakini makosa ni yangu sikuimount. Hopefully, she wasn’t hurt.

We got smart kids, I couldn’t touch mzee’s Panasonic radio with a 20 foot stick.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 review: Gentler Giant - GSMArena.com tests


redmi 4x user hapa. shida moja ya xiaomi ni storage memory management

Storage as in RAM au ROM?

Ram = memory
Storange = where you save your data
dont confuse the two

rom , dont buy a 16gb xiaomi , youll definately require sd card after few days usage… 32 gb and above will be good

from your analysis what was the main culprit in filling up the storage?

Apps zinakula space mob esp whatsapp na telegram images and videos. A 32 gb variant phone inaweza saidia.

At start you get 9gb free, hiyo ingine miui imeconsume, Apps and data take alot of space , all social media apps ni 100mb and above na kuna some file ya gallery, keeps growing as you view photos… Then if you add sd you have to sacrifice one sim, but i found a hack for that

Tuchanue na hyo hack tafasari