Xenophobia in South Africa

So after finishing destruction of White statues, the black south African has decided to attack & chase other africans living there. I’m hearing news that in some areas non south African blacks have been killed. Their media don’t want to report this but with twitter et al, news zinatufikia tu.

There must be something very wrong in South African society in terms of intergration of different cultures.The blacks hate whites. The whites hate blacks. The blacks hate other blacks. They just pretend under the rainbow nation tagline.

I said it here that of all the mzungus I’ve met, the most racist ni ule wa SA. I’ve not interacted with the blacks of SA but after hearing stories of how they kill their country’s cult heroes like Lucky Dube and the Soccer Captain, they must b worse

The situation is getting out of hand

I think Mandela was the one who was holding the country together. Same as Garang of S.Sudan and in a smaller scale Njenga Karume & Gerishon Kirima in their families. When the founding father dies, chaos erupt.


black south africans are the worst, they are lazy always depending on government welfare and always blaming the white man for their poverty, crime rate there is very high alafu when african immigrants there work hard and hustle to improve their livelihood these mofos become jealous and attack them.

careful you are not supposed to say that. The accepted black narrative is “Blame historical injustices even if they happened two centuries ago”

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The blacks there are significantly marginalised in their own country. I was last there some 5 years ago, in cape town, but at the time all the restaurants i went to, the staff were mostly nigerians , kenyans, zimbabweans. While cape town is predominantly a rich side (read white) part of the country, i still found it strange that im not seeing the black south africans i expected to.
If that part of the country is an example of the natives there are being kept down, then im not surprised if things get crazy.

are the Nigerian waiters and workers black? how come the black south Africans are not getting the jobs?

Yeah, they were black guys but not black native south africans. I asked one of the nigerians where all the “south africans” were he told me that most restaurants prefered hiring other nationalities. I didnt get a solid reason though.
In my personal opinion, i would think its because its easier for tourist to understand english someone from Kenya or Zimbabwe. Have you ever spoken to a south african? the english is really hard to catch!

maybe coz the South Africans know what they are supposed to be getting in terms of wages and all and am sure the black empowerment movement has given them a sense of entitlement (this is justified) and sadly enough majority of businesses are owned by the whites and they are not ready to deal with all that

There may be other reasons but two which I know are that labour costs are cheaper when they hire non south african blacks and these guyz value & respect the work they are employed to do however small.

This generation of white and black south africans still carries the scars of the old injustices, if they pass that on to their kids then the cycle will go on.What is needed is a new generation which has not been tainted and biased by past acts of history, sadly the young minds are corrupted by their parents and thus the cycle goes on.

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@ol monk Exactly!

@Ice_Cube I think you are onto something with the wages angle. It would make sense a business to pay a foreigner a lower wage than a local, especially if that foreigner doesnt have a work visa/permit. But if attacks are happening, the government cant let it go on for long. Can you imagine if foreign goverment issued a travel advisory on SA? An economy that is just a widely dependent on tourism as we are? things would be thick!

. Many South Africans expect to work for high wages so when foreigners take any job that offers a decent living wage to survive, they resent them. Haven’t you seen the labor disputes affecting mining companies? Those guys demand high salaries yet they lack even the most basic skills.

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I agree with you and say as much in the #14 comment

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They had the same issue around 2008 and they were citing unemployment because employers were preferring to hire foreigners… Less than ten years down the line and the same thing is happening… Pity.

I think the average South African black is ignorant and not very exposed. Halafu, many blacks are not that educated and this compounds the problem. The spirit of militancy has been with them for a long time and as a young kid, I remember how black supporters of ANC and Inkatha killed each other in the early 90’s just before independence. However, current violence seems to have been ignited by the Zulu king’s inciting remarks towards foreigners.

It’s the white people who have the Afrikaan accent.

The environment is set up such that the system somehow provides reparations for transgressions made against the black S.A population in the past.

It is intention that they get an ‘unfair’ advantage. However, the system begins to fail when businesses start to hire cheaper foreign labour(who are willing to accept less because they weren’t in the same struggle) at the expense of locals.

And I guess that that is where their anger is coming from.

All Africans (except Rwanda, probably) have that delicate thread that holds them together. The moment it snapps, shiet happens. Then we try to justify it by referring to history viz a viz what should have happened but didn’t, or what happened that should haven’t. Look at Kenya for example. We kill other tribes for exactly the same reasons. We feel kukuyus marginalized the rest during kenyatta, or kales benefited unfairly during moi. Whereas it may be true, we compound the problem instead of solving it.

I guess it’s an African problem which we have to live with.

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Did you see a video the other day of an SA gang mugging a reporter on live TV? The gangster didn’t care whether they were being recorded or not. One gangster even had to sign off on the TV saying: “this is Zuma mauki, robbing you live on air from Johannesburg”:smiley: