Xenophobia in South Africa

I think this is good insight. I usually wonder what this mandela god did for his people other than abandoning them. Ati he fought for independence…whaat??? where are the people who died and those who were clobbered everyday by police in the quest for freedom. This is just another “Kenyatta versus Kimathi” story. Ungrateful cowardly motherfackas always steal the gains of the revolution. Were is not for agitators outside mandela would never have been released by apartheid government and south africa would still have become independent. The liberators always make the mistake of making a wolf in sheepskin the steersman.

hata mapoko mahali kama Benoni na Durban ni wa kutoka Zimbabwe…the locals r too lazy to even spread their legs


Apart from wages an employer needs an employee who value his/her job.
The same happens in the US whites prefer to employ blacks from Africa than the native blacks.

Blacks immigrants from africa are often well educated and uptodate with global affairs than an average white or black american.

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Apparently even some migrants from Zimbabwe and Mozambique are involved in muggings, rapes and murders.

Mandela had to accept that deal otherwise the country would have descended into civil war. The situation before 1994 was very delicate and there were ugly cases of violence between blacks because some people in the apartheid regime did not want a majority black government. You cannot lump the failures of the whole nation on Mandela’s shoulders. He was just but a man.

An not blaming him for all failures. Am only dissing this cult behind him. He does not even deserve it.

True. There are many more people who deserve recognition.

We also need to snatch the Founding Father title from Jomo.


I am (well,was) married to a South African and i have lived with the black British (mostly of Jamaican heritage) for a long time.I also happen to know of the Black Americans from my short visits there and all these people have one thing in common as far as i can see.
They all suffer an identity crisis which drives them to a life of “live for the day” and i can only be left to a conclusion that they are suffering from the prolonged side effects of lacking identity.
Its easy for Kenyans and other Africans /black skinned people to brush them all off as being ignorant,violent and xenophobic.You need to understand that in the case of South Africans for example any person your age in SA has literally lived through the violence that was ochestrated upon them when we were growing up in peaceful Kenya and that we watched on KBC/VOK in the comfort of our homes.
Dont even try to comprehend the effects of slavery,direct racism and all manner of discrimination that met the parents of the modern day Black British who arrived in England in the 50s and 60s to build the railway and for their mothers to be nurses in a post war ravaged England. Did i mention the Americans who had to listen to Tupac Shakur and Gangsta rap before they began to appreciate that Black people had anything to offer America after enslaving them and building the worlds strongest economy on the back of their suffering and misery? And for their “coming to their moral senses” they let a Half Irish Half AFRICAN be the president,not Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton!!!???
Do you know that Alot of learned black South Africans especially ones in the political classes still be-grudge other Africans and their leaders for their disquiet during their time of suffering.It was only the likes of Muammar Gaddaffi (not exactly black african) who aided the millitary effort etc…and had the balls to speak out against aparthied while the likes of Moi were busy entertaining Margarate Thatcher and the conservative British leadership of the day that never once condemned Aparthied?
Before you brand the BlackSouth Africans xenophobic,read your history!


@kabuda. Kumbe your wife is South African! Huyo anakufanyia xenophobia

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Before you make your mind up,Open it!
Ni watu wazuri sana and we have alot in common culture-wise but they are fearless and when pushed to the wall,the untamed inbeded violence comes out very swiftly and you can`t blame them,its the only language they were taught but i still believe deep inside wako kama sisi tu.Ambitious,knowledgeable and enlightened new generation Africans .They are also very fun people na kila siku is Furahi-day to them.

I don’t blame them Lakini nina swali: for how long shall we continue on this narrative of ‘historical injustices’?

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So you have been lying to us?

If your drama with that woman is anything to go by, then this statement is a contradiction.

Are you asking this as a descendant of the Mau mau ? Because this is the closest you will come to understanding the mindset of a victim of injustice,discrimination and violence as descipated by the mzungu.
Now imagine if you have to act like everything is okay and that you want to be positive and not act like the victim of historical injustices as dispensed upon your parents and your forefathers who have raised you with the fear and negativity of the same race of people whose children (now your peers) are still perpetrating the same though very unannounced!
@Luther12 don`t be judgemental and count yourself lucky to be born and living in Kenya.
Most of these black skinned people like the Black Americans and British plus Black South Africans will never enjoy the mental freedom you enjoy.Tembea ujionee…

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I fucked our relationship by cheating on her so it wasn`t her who was bad…anyway why am i responding to @Lola aka @Lola- aka @aviator ?

What do you mean? That am not worth responding to? Wataka nianze matusi? Niliweza @uwesmake wewe ni nani?


Kwa hivyo umekubali wewe ni Rora?

Point of correction, the old man did not enrich himself and neither did he dine with the oppressors. Rather, he was wise enough not to make any hasty decisions that could end up hurting his people more. Any drastic action against Whites would have prompted Western powers to sabotage his government and economy a la Zimbabwe.Our first president acted in the same manner after independence. The British who occupied African land were given assurances that they would not be dispossessed of their land.Rather, such land would change hands on a willing buyer willing seller basis. As a result, Africans had to pay for the land that had been stolen from them, a very difficult situation given that money was scarce. This gave rise to a situation where only those with access to money could inherit land from the departing British, creating the skewed allocation of land resources we see today.

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Who said sijatembea nikajionea? You assume too much @Ka-Buda. Swali langu lilikuwa rahisi sana: for how long is the (South) African going to blame his present day circumstances on ‘historical injustices’? Get your emotions out of it and be objective for once.