WSR: Kenya's First One-Term President... Here are My Reasons

No sugar-coating it, WSR isn’t popular for his leadership credentials. If Kenyans were to vote purely on merit, all the old-timers (RAO, WSR, Ka-LOOSER, Ma-DVD etc) would not even qualify to wash the polling stations.

That said, WSR is VERY POPULAR. So, why is that?

Well, WSR is an act of defiance against the establishment… Real or perceived, valid or invalid, wise or stupid, isn’t the question here.

The reality is that he is perceived to be the candidate that best represents defiance… Again, I’m not defending the decision or hating on it, just stating facts.

WSR will win big in 2022… You wait for it.

UHURU has bulldozed the political landscape because he is president. As we near, 2022… His incumbency loses its power. That’s to say defying him openly will be the order of the day… Think of 2002 Nyayo.

Single-handedly, WSR controls a bigger share of the votes than JUBILEE did…

He has what JUBILEE had, and has made serious inroads in the Coast, Ukambani, Luhya land etc

So just be prepared for a RUTO Presidency.

What gives him the Presidency is unfortunately what will take it from him too!

When people are in defiance mode, you have to be an exceptional performer, or they turn on you. Sometimes, the call for change is so urgent, the progress you make is ignored and people revolt against you too!

Think of Kibaki.

The winds of change blew him into power. He performed exceptionally well, but still the Nation turned against him.

Look at Gambia… The winds of revolt turned on Barrow as soon as he entered office.

With the amount of looting associated with ‘WSR guys’, he is bound to lose favor with the electorate before 2027.

That’s why we must say no to BBI. It’s the only ray of hope I see for a RUTO second term. With such centralized power, he will make it to a second term.

Without the BBI, I honestly don’t see him doing two terms. The very thing that gives him power shall be the very same thing that takes it away

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Ever considered elective politics?

I think the guy will perform well, actually Kenya may become a bigger regional powerhouse if when he becomes president.

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Kibaki performed really well… But still…

WSR would have to do the impossible, dominate the political landscape and control the political narrative while also making visible economic progressions.

That’s the only way, methinksp

OBAKO performed on the economy, but lost the political narrative.

I can’t wait to see what he’ll do

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But you can predict the emotional landscape of a people. Kenyans are in full defiance mode

The only people Ruto has captured are the Jubilee fans. Outside Jubilee he is going to struggle. You think the Kambas will leave Kivutha and Mutua to vote for Ruto

Jubilee 1st term had DP Uncle Ruto as coordinator of government business, development and decisions. President Uhuru was the one making the final command after all is presented to him to authorize. It worked well and government moved quick, fast and successful. Second term muhoho Kenyatta decided to replace DP Uncle Ruto, he is also overreaching the President in some decision making.

Are you joking?? None of those have a following in Ukambani, the battle will be between Kalonzo and Muthama. Infact altho he has been governor for nbi, sonko has a larger kamba following than the combined jokers of kivutha and mutua. Whoever wins the Machakos byelections will have a headstart. If hustler will have won Nairobi governor, then the trickle down effect of that politics will affect machakos and ukambani by extension - remember machakos neighbours nairobi at athi river/mavoko and deep in the county there are many diasporans.

This is very easy for him. Already those political gains have already being achieved. Its now the economic gains.

Also very few people know DP Uncle Ruto apart from how well he performs politically on the stage on a daily basis. To know him well know his structure around him. I have said it many times, Hustler has a lot of circles for different purposes and ideas far removed from the public. Discrete and reclusive professionals who ran his political, economic and social engine. People only see his political circles and think this are his inner circle. You will be surprised that few of them are in his circles. This is just one of the window to the bigger picture why dynasties fear DP Uncle Ruto, his network. It took sudi 4 years to reinvent himself from Gideon attack dog to get within DP Uncle Ruto political circle and he is still not at arms length. This network has been built since 2007 refined and adjusted many times. When it comes to state business and operations you will see a different person, leadership and oversight separate from politics.

He may not have a majority in Ukambani, but he has a bigger share of Kamba votes than Jubilee ever had. Same case for the Coastal vote

I wish to see the WSR of Ministry of Agriculture days.

The guy delivered big… Until the maize scandal hit

Muthama will win Machakos by election by +95% and be crowned the new Ukambani regional leader. The man can’t wait to start the campaigns. To him everything he has every done I.e form wiper, run it, campaign, build alliances for watermelon was a waste in the past. Now he is doing it for himself and he will hit 200% effort to get it done. In fact Muthama told DP Uncle Ruto he doesn’t need his help, this is his stage to prove his stake on his own at Hustler movement.