WSR: Kenya's First One-Term President... Here are My Reasons

DP Uncle Ruto inner circle are various and they work silently behind the scenes. People just know Farouk because he is tough, physical and his past actions proceed him wherever he goes. There are lawyers, accountants, industrialists, pastors, county leaders, heads of states, judges, soldiers, intelligence experts and big corporate heads. He goes far, wide for advice and fact checking. That’s part of his inner circle. Most of the times politicians are kept waiting for him to finish his consultations then he can meet them. One thing for certain, his administration will come with a lot of supervision from the top to the bottom. Just look at his overworked staff. You will never meet DP office staff in bars or recreations easily. Family and free time is precious, they will maximize it and not waste it.

So they are right to blame him for all corruption from 2013 to 2017

Jamaa amefunga own goal :D:D natukisema ii mashida yote ni hao mafala wawili na RAT wameleta tunapigwa mawe

I don’t think this is even debatable. You can’t separate WSR from the corruption that has happened when he is second in charge

Good infrastructure, clean water for all, universal health care, national discipline, proper Urban planning etc
If a dog can offer that, I will vote for the
Fuck Ruto

With the amount of looting that the guy engages in?

Tupunguze bangi bwana.

Note that I am not in support of RAO either

Looter. Mark this .Ruto will not be in the ballot come 2022.

Hii siaisa ni ngumu, mimi Ruto, Ohuru na Raila hawanijui

UDA has started campaigns…
527/= evident everywhere…
Get ready to be bombarded with UDAKU every waking day…
By UDAKUAN near you…

Will Muthama vie for president or deputy president? Whoever will vie for president will get Kamba votes that is how they role. And if BBI does not pass Ruto will have nothing to give to the kambas

He is very far especially on the latter. And it is still too early for us to know. Lets see his opponents first

What exactly did he do?

Yes, they will and Kivutha is with WSR

Then why do you support a known thief?

Are you a Ruto supporter?

No Fam I’m trying to get that 527/=

Because it’s my vote and I get to do with it what I goddarn please!

Ukambani is already divided bruh!

He has MUTHAMA for starters… And MUTHAMA carries a significant share of votes!

I have to give it to @spear and the other WSR fanatics.

Their attempts to polish shit is something that even ODMers would be proud of.

All of them are tainted, calling WSR thief all day long has the effect of the families being seen as hypocritical.
The masses love an underdog because that’s exactly how they feel, the seat is William’s to lose.