's coming down to Dynasties Vs Hustlers.

Just by like that, unintended consequences from Raila/Kenya fighting Ruto’s legitimacy.

It’s now coming to the Rich vs the otherwise.

The proposal to boycott Taxes has been turned on them.

Evil dynasties cc @Old Monk @johnpombe

Family zengine hujiita billionaires kumbe hawalipi ushuru. Kama wao ni wanabiashara wakubali kucompete wakifuata sheria kama wenzao, tuone kama watasurvive miaka ingine kumi tuwatambue.

Ruto must be careful. The evil Kenyatta family might the thing. They are not happy na kulipa ushuru

Can we see tax returns za sukoi chicken farm.

Mweupe kama pamba, deepstate walimtafuta makosa wakakosa, ikabidi waseme amepanda mahindi Congo

Hapo nakubaliana na Jambazi. Hao bigshots walipe tax wote.

Sema konyangi 2 na babuon…JSKS na riggy G bado hawajafika bei:cool:

Shida ya jambazi ako na shoka inakujia kila mtu. Leo ni dynasties kesho ni hustlers.

Walipie land rates for all their idle millions of acres…Waititi alijaribu kuitisha rates za northlands - kiambu county akafurushwa ile mbaya

Rural farm land is free hold so no land rates. Ama wewe unalipa land rates ushago?

Northlands is good enough for starters…,-Why-Now?&id=pm9laQ==

‘’ On 10 May 2012, the World Bank approved Kshs. 33 Billion facility called Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project, which had been instigated when Uhuru was Finance Minister, specifically for expansion of Sanitation Services in Nairobi City.

However, Kidero was unwilling to implement this Project cos it meant evicting people in Kariobangi and Ruai who had been sold their land by his own campaigners. Governor Sonko also refused the eviction of these people knowing how they were conned into buying this land.

The Sanitation Project loan facility is due to expire on 30 September 2020 after several extensions. World Bank has refused to give a loan of Ksh. 400 Billion for Affordable Housing in Nairobi unless this project is done. Murathe has already lined up the company to do the project and is dying to take home the kickbacks, thats why he is heaping pressure on Water PS Irungu to push it, that is why Sicily Kariuki was transferred to Water. For your information, the Kenyatta Family took over Nairobi County Housing docket purposely to divert the World Banks 400B Loan meant for affordable housing to the building of the Northland`s City Project (projected to cost Ksh. 500B inclusive of planning costs and taxes). As a matter of fact, KRA is set to waive the taxes for Project in the name of Big 4 Agenda.

When Kabogo refused to approve the waiver of the building plans and development fees for the Northlands City, the Kenyattas put the project on hold and removed him in favor of Waititu. When Waititu realized what they wanted to do, he too refused to waive the project costs and in turn he was replaced with Nyoro who has agreed to waive them the fees to 30B and claim of the public utility lands that should go to Kiambu County to the tune of 20B."

Hapo sawa kabisa.
We needed an assertive leader

Silipi taxes what the fuck how does increasing electricity prices help our economy

Now this is where it is most painful.
The rates exemption for Konyagi and kition family is even embedded in the the law of kenya

That’s how they force you to pay tax. KRA knows that it costs more to pursue you than what you owe them. That’s why they target the common man with VAT and other taxes on consumption. Only the big fish are worth chasing with the limited resources they have. Wewe wanajua wamekushika makeii na consumption taxes hauwezi hepa.

Northlands is gazetted as an EPZ so they are tax exempt

In general, I do agree that we need a Public Agenda on lowering Taxes. But we cannot achieve that without 1st streamlining tax collection and sealing tax loopholes. If we’re all paying Taxes, our total TAX should be some where around 18% all-combined.

If LootAll really implements and executes it I will not hesitate voting for him in 2027.

Question is though, has he paid his fair share through the years up to his presidency?

Mbirrionaire wenzangu @Abba @Mangele @Sovereign2 this is something we can live with it.

Let me introduce you to the Ruto we know… :D:D:D:D

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