's coming down to Dynasties Vs Hustlers.

He chews too much than he can swallow. Let’s see how he will start executing his agendas.

we need to first deal with corruption and kickbacks first. kenyans are paying govt guys money which does not end up in kra

Never take what a Kaleo says at face value. I’ve lived with these people I know who they are. Just know that Ruto is a LIAR. If you’re a decent person, like most people are, this is a very bitter pill to swallow, but swallow you must. The man lies from morning to evening even when there’s no need of doing so. Actually once you figure out his character everything else falls into place. You will no longer be disappointed when things don’t pan out as expected.

I will offer free advice to every last one of you; when you see the political class seemingly in a fight, just know that there is something you are losing, or there is another you are about to lose. The noise from akina Babuon will soon crystalize into something like “we need a referendum” and then akina JSKS will acquiesce and the two parties will come together to alter the constitution to fit their liking. Nyinyi wengine ni kupiganishwa mtapiganishwa tu like the idiots they have always relied on to be.

[SIZE=5]Let ALL Hustler Conmen Declare their Wealth , Its Source and How Much Tax they Pay .[/SIZE]:mad::mad:

Kulipa ushuru nakumbaliana na jambazi lakini wapee @Electronics4u cheo ya kumoderate looting

Kill the billionaires bread and you kill the economy.


You can’t avoid paying taxes in Kenya, unless you decide not to be a consumer of any product or service.

Those well read among you in here ( …and there are rather few …) know that that is the narrative of any class of exploiters…

…“Kill us and you will also perish…”

Nothing is further from the truth …

Revolutions , often very violent , are the only way to properly redress inequalities , oppression and bad governance …

The second Movement to Caanan has begun and it is unstoppable … :D:D

RAO is giving Arap Mashamba sleepless nights

well read people have no jobs when billionaires don’t put up companies to employ your brains for work.
This is a tiktok world.