Worst Response ever! Fear women

I don’t know if anyone can relate with this, but today happens to be a very dark day. We had a confrontation with wife…and out of nowhere she said “Hakuna kitu umewai nifanyie!”. This hurt terribly considering I have been living with her brother and sister at the same time footing all the bills for close to five years. At some point I ensured I bribed at some job for another brother of hers to get a job somewhere. I also lived with a cousing close to 2 years footing all the bills. She has a daughter who I have been supporting with no fail. I opened for her some businesses then out of her lack of interest coupled by competition it failed. Considering I have really denied myself countless of times, I am terribly hurt. Right now am planning for an exit strategy. Kwanza nikikumbuka I send over 3-5k every month to her parents home ati support! Inauma sana… Has anyone ever experienced this? How did you handle everything?


Its their nature. Ungrateful fucks. By the way, their mantra is simply, “I don’t care if you helped me in the past, I want help now and now it is”


You did all these willingly, anybody forced you? . So, wewe ni Mojinga. Tuachishe !!!

Fear your stupid mindset! Ghassia

Simps get it rough out there. Pole sana. Tafta milaya and drain your sorrows.

You simply were used and you just willingly let it happen, let this be a lesson for the next relationship, don’t be rude or nasty, just learn to be a man and refuse some stupidity. Living with relatives? Ulimfungulia biz and then “lack of interest…”!!! What a joke, anyone even from the village will tell you ujinga yako ulianzia hapo.

Women are saitanis.

Jana i was with my uncle tukipeleka mamake (my grandma) hosi meru, on the way jamaa akapigiwa simu,matusi ilitembea wacha tu.

Nkauliza jamaa, huyo ni nani akanijibu ni wife yake. Nkauliza mbona matusi. Jibu nlipewa ilinishtua.

" @Nostradumbass unajua mathe amekuwa msick toka last year na mimi ndo nmekuwa nkishughulika. 2 weeks ago mzae naye amelazwa hosi sides za karatina. Juzi nmefika home,tired and stressed,nkauliza auntie yako ka amepika. Nkaletewa food alaf nkaulizwa hebu niambie hii chakul umechanga pesa ngapi ndo ukule."

Mtoto ni wenu ama.ni wake? Yaani alikuja na yeye?

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Tegea tu hapo wakubwa waku chambulie Briffault’s law.

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:smiley: unatombewa

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Wewe ndio mama kwa hio nyuma. I want to clap your cheeks.

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She has shown her true colours and now you have seen the light. Run bro. Run and keep on running.


Do not simp

Show her the door aende kwa huyo humfanyia vitu. Won’t even last a week huko akianza kukuambia she is sorry. Women and children are the only people who speak without expecting any consequences.


Funga duka. mnyime kende apate adabu.

Mimi hushangaa sana, married guys keep bashing AMG MGTOW mboys but behind the scenes, you are having it rough.

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Mimi I won’t take shit from a woman – especially if she’s not a blood relative/boss.

The first time a chic treats you rudely, walk and never look back. Your dignity is more important that her smelly hole.

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Sisi watu wa AMG hatuna shida kama hizo. Mnakimbilia marriage na imejaa shida tupu. Kama hii ndo marriage mnaongelelea am better of single.

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They are envious of you, they want you to cross over to share the misery.