World Affairs have now dominated our news section. Attn: All mods/Admin

It’s absolutely shameful that world-news especially those relating to the UK and US have dominated our news section for the last few months. I sympathize with any Kenyan living in the Diaspora who logs-in to this site hoping to find some local news only to be greeted by news of their domiciled country. It’s like flushing a toilet only for the shiit to be splatted back to your face. Not to mention, the opinions shared on those threads are as accurate as CNN’s opinions on Kenya.

In the past we could just ignore these threads, but in the last few months the culprit-posters have become emboldened and will share even news of the latest hair to come off Trumps butt. That one of our mods is not a domiciled Kenyan comes as no surprise. Surely, I cannot be the only one who finds this to be embarrassing, disconcerting and irritating at the very least.

So Trump fired his AG, Who the Fuack Cares?! Most Americans don’t give a shit, why should we?? But surprise, surprise, that stuff is front-page news on a 100% Kenyan forum, that is modded by Kenyans :oops:.

WTF is wrong with us. Either set up a “world news” sub-forum or rename this site to Kenyan/US talk. Or even better ban these culprit-posters and their sub-handles for life.[ATTACH=full]209023[/ATTACH]

Bila kelele ya Raila there is no news hapa kenya

Kila nyani na starehe zake. Wewe hupost threads ngapi za kenya kwa news and politics sekshen? Juzi tu hapa various correspondents had wall to wall coverage of the Maribe case till some mofos started complaining that it was too much.

1,503 notifications, you need a ktalk assistant mod.

We said that these Trump posts should be toned down!

Iko wapi ile picha ya kupigia mbuzi guitar wangwana

I second you on this…kila saa trump…trump nkt

True, but you could also get a life probably you’re too idle anko nyam :D:cool:

I skip those threads

Oh please, spare us your b.s.

Aren’t you the same Nyamgondho who was arguing endlessly about Trump’s tariffs and car recalls, quite recently? Talking about an American novel you read and I was supposed to be impressed…

Wewe ni attention seeker. Sema ni attention unadai. Better still si uweke thread zako, zile unapenda. Attention na comments utapewa mingi.

hehe. And no one there really misses your simple fatherly comments. Unajua huwa unaongea kama headmaster:

“Students, I was in Mombasa the other day and noticed that Joho has erected a new stadium next to the new Mombasa market. The new market and stadium will serve everyone in Mombasa Town. The people will be happy. The traders will be happy…”

Nattydread mjuaji atakurushia grenade na itakupita vwaaap. Amused nadhania alishakuweka ban zamani. She’s a moody girl this Amused. Labda Purple akupatie audience.

My comments are based on the reality I see. Sometimes they miss sometimes they hit the target. Either way I always say what’s on my mind.

Hehe nimekukasirisha hapo church elder/headmaster?

“Sometimes they will miss sometimes they hit the target! I am a soft spoken headmaster…”

Woooi… Wacha ujinga nani, si useme tu, “FUCK OFF PATCO!!”

Kama ndume. That’s how you speak your mind. Thread za U.S. ni kwa mang’aa.

Anyway, na sasa kama huweki thread mpya unataka nani akuwekee zile thread unapenda?

Ain’t that right! Siku hizi sionangi threads za Jakuon. :stuck_out_tongue:

True. Some of us come here to see Kenyan news since we are abroad but are bombarded with the typical Trump took a shit today trash by the same usual suspects.

In the majority of cases, the Title of a thread will let on that the subject is the US, Donald Trump or some other International stuff… Why can’t you just skip it and move on if that is not your cup of tea… Kila nyani na starehe zake.

That’s one of kenyatalk’s biggest mysteries. Mtu anaona thread imeandikwa “Trump farts in the oval office”, opens and reads it word for word, then goes ahead to bitch about it.

Biggest mystery? You two sound like circus clowns. Just today, two trump threads have been titled “clumsy old clown” and “biggest FU ever” How would you tell this is international news? You guys jump from thread to thread posting shit without even comprehending the gist of the matter in hope of attracting likes and group sympathy.

There is a crop of villagers here who know very little about you and respect you on the basis of your title - VS. little do they know you are worse than a sewer rat and have zero value on this site. If you want to maintain this status quo, stop tagging me carelessly. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!