Word Of The Day: MGTOW

(Since the silly, young copycats of Ktalk have decided that alpha-malehood=‘MTGOW’=red pill=incel=kumwaga ndani=hooker-hunting= …, here is lesson one)

“Men Going Their Own Way” The whiny reactionary male equivalent of the feminazi.

Usually one of the following types:

  • men who’ve come from families with a horrible mother, perceived as maltreating the father “That bitch left us and so daddy had to drink and beat us instead!!”.
  • naive men who had 1 relationship which failed due to their poor judge or character or lack of it themselves, proof that all women are evil.
  • divorcees who perceived their wife got the better deal e.g. she has a restraining order out on me and I can’t see my kid … “all because I busted her jaw in a fight that one time!”
    - 40 year old virgins who want to feel proud about their status by demonising women, when conventional norms make them feel ashamed.

They characterise women as:

  • unfaithful and always on the lookout for a better mate;
  • gold digging and only interested in their money, even though they are often penniless, the fact their ex-wife who worked 70 hours a week and did the housework plagued them to get a freakin’ job is proof of this
  • “disobedient” and “wanting to be treated like a human being and shit”

They believe that when women’s rights are on par with those espoused by Islamic extremism, all will be good with the world. Their ideal relationship would like a very boring BDSM, without all that weird shit, sex and stuff and the woman more or less serving them as a slave, tending to their needs like momma never did.

See that girl over there. I bet she’d love to go with me but I bet she’d insist I washedevery week. One of the reasons I’m MGTOW.
by oldboab July 04, 2016


sounds like something written by georgina though…:D:D:D

Like in everything kuna extremisms. I would consider myself MGTOW just because I am a realist. Why do women pretend that they can do anything a man can instead of sticking to what they are good at.

For instance, why would a woman insist on joining the front lines in war and she cannot even defend herself against the enemy in a 1V1.

Kwanza that strong independent woman thing they keep saying na mtu anaishi kwa single room and survives on leaching money from the same men she hates.

Basically I am MGTOW towards feminists.

That’s actually very funny :D:D

It didn’t take long before the first of many confused reactions got here. Typically vague and generalised.

Shaming, cutting down men who reject exploitation. Presenting them as social misfits so they can feel ashamed. Shaming used to work kitambo. Lakini siku hizi? Mwanaume hata ukimwita mango, guava, tomato-whatever; utachoka bure.

Whats the purpose of this post black knight?

A good % of MGTOW in this village are penniless. That why you always hear about brothels.

Are you ‘MTGOW’ or incel?

Nobody is shaming nobody here, just clarifyig some terms the alphabet group of Ktalk recklessly bandy about.

Up next: incel.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

They want to be free of ‘toxic’ women but pay good money for short encounters with really toxic pussysellers.

They always encounter the ‘finest whores’ in the city. Huko downtown.

I have to admit I am not MGTOW, neither am I an incel. But I support MGTOW. From what I have read so far, men who have chosen to GTOW have good reason to. And if things continue on the current trajectory, MGTOW will be a term describing most men.

So that’s what it stands for? Huwa naona hio na akina red pill and AMG chieth napita mbio mbio

Mgtow.com ,get FACTUAL FACTS huko ,my fren …sitaingia plantation and experience BOILING THE FROG SYNDROME :D:D:D:D:D

kusema ukweli @denis young hakuna kitu umesema kwa hii post yako. Lakini that aside, ile firestick iko aje? Ni kama bado unapost sana hapa ktalk instead of binge watching. Kwani haujasubscribe netflix na hizo hulu?

:D:DIf your marriage is doing so well why are you so concerned with MGTOW?

What trajectory is that?

What happened to twisting the truth? It worked perfectly in HS…

I just can’t understand MGTOW. Won’t you die? Ama your right hand becomes your girlfriend? Then they should come out of their closet and declare themselves as ‘my right hand is my girlfriend’ (MRHIMGF). There! Problem solved…
And I thought “involuntary celibates” are generally middle aged white men with no game? Man up!

Just like we have Kenyan boys here who pepper their language with the universal Ebonics epithet ‘nigga’, a few have gone and borrowed ‘incel’, MGTOW and red pill to splash here liberally every time they want to remind us that there are ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ males. It’s like some new religious order. :smiley:

Everybody is trying to encourage you not to be afraid of girls… they don’t bite (well, unless you want them to…) Kama huna game, convince a buddy to go with you (side kick). I think attacking all women as jezebels is inhumane.