Word Of The Day: MGTOW


How hard is it to understand. I basically don’t rock with feminist. Kama anataka kuwa woke aende kabisa. Basically I literally go my own way when I meet a feminist.

It is not my fault that most of you are brain dead.

Anyway, mimi hulala na huko 5 am so after nimemaliza kazi zile nafanya personally nachukua my elitebook nakaa kwa sofa na duvet na kuweka netflix. Mosquito ndizo zinasumbua. Nipatie solutions msee wa infinix.


Bachelor’s know more about women than married men,if they didn’t,they’d be married too H.L Mencken

:smiley: Nashuku kuna jamaa hapa ako na periods

:D:D:D:D:D, A woman cries once before her wedding but a man cries forever after the wedding .Polish proverb

“Don’t explain your philosophy, embody it”

Explaining MGTOW and redpill to non members is like dragging a sheep along the street.

You should focus on your marriage not MGTOW.:smiley:

Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndani Lakini Sina Mtoto is typing…

Not just penniless. Clueless too.


How the hell would you know if I’m married? Oh, so that’s it. You mfers can’t get a girl to marry your sorry asses? God bless you :wink:

marriage is the only war where the enemies sleep together

OK please do not insult Feminazis by putting them in the same category with these nut jobs in red pit and mathogothanio MGTOW.

Feminazis do not hate men as far as I am aware. And if you know that they do please gimme precise proof. Like how these psychos call women whore, sluts, beaches. They should go to the kitchen and they’re only good for one thing. Now that to me is hate but what you describe as hate in a Feminazi is, she isn’t agreeable or she is pointing out men’s wrong and immoral actions. Not insults about their biological functions like periods, derogatory, demeaning and dehumanizing terms like kunguru. Just like nigga, animal, buck. Go to white supremacist groups like Aryan Nation they’re just as militant as these MRMs.

So please comparing a femanazi with these sick fucks is akin to comparing a bat and a firebird. Both can be agitating for social change but they’re worlds apart. Just like the KU Klux Klan and say the black panthers.Black Panthers don’t care about white folk bcz all they’re after is for their group to have it better. Better opportunities, less discrimination and less oppression is their goal. Not to dominate and most certainly not to oppress white folk. In this case Femanazi are the Black Panthers the underdog trying to catch a break while Men’s Rights Movements are the KU Klux Klan trying to maintain dominance by mounting wars to reverse any loss of power and to harm the other group. Be it psychological harm, financially or physically or sexually.

KU Klux Klan comes from a place of being an oppressor who is losing his power achieved through oppression and trying to regain that power by harming the other group. Which requires intimidation and psychological even physical waging of war to win bcz it can’t be won fair and square bcz its an immoral way. This is what all and I mean all without exception Men’s Rights Movements are about.

And the more I study racism the more I understand sexism and misogyny with out becoming emotionally enmeshed in the narratives of the MRMs. When you understand the framework behind what seems like a lot of sexist and misogynistic bullshit. You see beyond what the small minded cult following see. The parallels, the strategies and even methodologies of executing them is exactly what white supremacist movements and other dominant groups do to maintain power over their respective subjugated groups. It’s nothing new. It’s not rocket science. And it is as old as old can get.

For example the white man has had a ‘scientific’ propaganda going on that African brains are the smallest.As well as scientific proof of black man barbaric nature. I will put up links when I find them. Same to MRMs with their evolutionary psychology to uphold and validate their dogma on inferiority of women. How can anyone argue with science? Scientific theories? Do you know that there was a mental illness diagnosed in black slaves, I will get you the scientific name and reference. It was about inability to control desires to escape slavery and keep on attempting escapes in spite of dire consequences. So basically these buggers are going down a well worn road tho the retards in the said cults may not see the macro of it bcz they’re too ignorant and small minded to interrogate anything beyond where it provides confirmation for their bias. Or meets their needs. Maslow hierarchy. They’re still at needs. A hungry man can’t critically analyze anything. And he will eat anything from even a dustbin so that’s where they are. It’s their level. You can’t really disdain some one for that. It’s like criticizing a child for being a child. It’s senseless.

So don’t waste your breath on these suckers. GO YOUR OWN WAY. Like in that story of good Samaritan vile walipita mbaliiii. Pita uende zako like you ain’t seen nothing else. Leave these fools to their folly. Bcz the more you argue with them the more you validate them. So don’t! Kujarbu kupindua akili ya mjinga ni ka kupindua O upside down. A fool is wise in his own eyes but his folly will eventually destroy him said the Bible. They imagine they’ve discovered something people who have been on earth and in human society hadn’t in all the centuries? A bunch of frustrated men? Come on now. Even their very founder left the movement after amefanya Umalaya Dunia mzima mpaka unatoka kwa mapua, in the end he went back to what he found happening when he was born. Such is life. Hind sight is 20/20.

MGTOW are men who swallowed the red pill but found it to be too much to bear, just like Cypher in The Matrix. They find the work needed to become a high value man and game women is too much so they say screw the game altogether. It’s a logical conclusion, but your biology will fight you every step of the way due to strong reproductive instincts

Mimi mahali naishi hakuna mosquito hata moja hakuna mahali ya kubreed. But for you, kwa sababu umepata appetite ya fancy gadgets recently. Nunua Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito killer. It looks trendy but it’s cheaper than your fire stick.


Smart people learn from their mistakes while geniuses/ MGTOW men don’t do the mistakes done by others

Kwani brothels watu hutombana bure?..direct cost short term vs indirect cost long-term,the married woman cost the most to keep, dowry , wedding , food ,clothes ,salon ,chama and not forgetting her emotional cost chieth that she dumps on you…As we say in the red pill community ," Show me a happily married man and I will show you an honest politician"

“All truth passes through three stages,first it’s ridiculed,second ,it is violently opposed , finally ,it’s ACCEPTED as being SELF EVIDENT” Arthur Schopenhauer