women vs riches

Hakuna kitu huniuma kama kulipa rent. If the guy can afford the 120k rent means he is well off. Huyo wife awache usaitan. Wacha mzee ajenge Kitengela waishi rent free and who knows in 5-10yrs they could be living in that Kileleshwa in their own house. Life is a journey not a destination.


hii ni ujinga. If the family has a lot of money angekaa huko. Mimi nahamia kayole kwa bedsitter kwanza ndio niendelee kujenga akiskia atakuja aje if not take a new one and life goes on.


hapo shida ni mwanaume by the way… with the kind of money he has akikaa ngumu she may follow him or leave him to be snapped up by one of the many Nairobi women…


Sasa huu ndio ujinga Wa mwisho. Such a wife is a disaster. Imagine if they lived in their house and save the 100k they pay in Kile.
But wife behaves vile umemzoesha


Better still, you let her parents pick up the tab. Wakiona son in law is not a pushover, utaitwa peace meeting mbio mbio.

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kwanza nyumba yangu ya Bungoma imekuwa lonely sana next year napanga bibi aingie transfer bungoma aende aishi huko .


hio @uwesmake usifanye hapo unachia bibi kwa chief na mapastor. Kaa na yeye kule uko.


Hata walimu na majamaa wa nduthi ni mambo mbaya.


Ferk that…:mad::mad::mad:


Again Ferk that!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:

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The advise is great especially @WuTang. I once had a lady who was pressuring me to move to Langata because her brother lived there.I was to pay rent ya 35K. We later disagreed and split up,but i am glad i did not make the mistake.

I once told her if we get married my parents had given me a place to build and we could build there. They live in outskirts of Nairobi where many people commute to work so we could live there in our house and commute daily.The look i got ,and she was not wealthy as a person ,but seemed to glorify living for the camera.


Hell no!!! @Guru theres nothing like kuzoea…kwani what bush did this mama crawl from where simple logic seems to be greek to them???..at times women can be a total bore…:mad::mad::mad::mad:

Good riddance…

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You dodged a bullet brother.


hmmm? kweli hiyo problem inakasirishwa sana…

unakamuliaje County renowned NAVY SEAL bibi ?


:D:D logic? halafu ati simple logic? women? utangoja… where do you think the common adage that women never downgrade comes from? even if downgrading is the logical option for the time being inakuanga ngumu sana…


Nivenye 2 we must accomodate them to avoid ma’nduthi na ma arimis design ya @Jirani but honestly, these bitches be craizy…:smiley:


A friend built one bedroom units at umoja which were fetching him 120k so that he can live the other side of uhuru highway. In ten years his rent has moved from 70k to 200k and in involves moving to 4 different houses yet his rental income has only moved up to 180k. Now regrets that he should has built his own house instead


I know a landlord in Thika Town who built one bedroom units on six floors, then on the ground floor, he merged three one bedroom units and modified them into a cozy place to stay with three bedrooms and a large living room area, he even has his own, for his own unit, standby generator… the house is managed by an agent and not many people know he is the Landlord… why build rental units then go rent elsewhere a place to stay?