women vs riches




just reminded me of some guy whose wife is not for building their own house in “dusty” (her words) Nairobi environs read Ruai, Kitengela, Rongai etc etc… he is stuck paying 120K rent PM in leafy Nairobi… He either raises enough cash to buy a house in leafy Nairobi or stays that way… the perils of getting a trophy wife…


kwa hivyo yeye ako na bibi sumbua?

Real Birrioneas like @rollout are self made.Usingoje mwoman akuje akujenge,in most cases anakujanga kukumaliza-making sure you are burried 6 feet under


And still mwanume anapangwa !

Feeds you with steel wools ! 2 3 years you are at 6 feets under !


Know of someone who built a very nice house in Kitengela alafu bibi akasema yeye hawezi ishi nje ya Nairobi so they rent out the house(at a very low rate) and now live in a rented house in Kileleshwa :(:eek::rolleyes:

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Si unajenga tu na unakosa kulipa rent hiyo ya 120k for two months uone kama hatakufuata.


Kwani hao wanaume wamekaliwa aje, ukikosa kulipa hiyo rent anataka atakuja tu huko umejenga. Secret is ni kuhamisha vitu na umwachie nyumba hapo akitaka kuendelea kulipa alipe.


huyo opiyo angespecify kama huyo bibi kama macho ilikuwa inashine ama ilikuwa dim


kumbuka in order to build, he needs extra cash… and women can be malicious if they are not into something… you need her support hata kama sio kutoa pesa but to make savings here and there to allow the project to take off… but that is one option if he manages to put his foot down,

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Blackmail inakuwanga ati watoi wako shule so can’t “uproot” them alafu bibi can afford to pay rent huko kileleshwa so boy anafeel insecure kiasi.

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I agree. A wife breaks/builds a home. But there is a catch — You should also treat her with respect and love. Its give and take brothers!

My neighbour used to beat his wife kabisa. We could pass their home in the morning during those days when we trekked barefooted to school and we could only hear screams. We even nicknamed him ‘kwa Yokozuna’ given that we only knew Yokozuna as the wrestler. FFWD ---- All kids are all well up and you know what, they took their mother and built her a nice house in Ruai and left Mzee alone in shaggs. They employed a cook and shamba boy for him though. It was payback time for this mzee. We buried him juzi.


You put your foot down, if possible blackmail her using her own parents. Ataingia line, it is just like how you train a dog to do what you want.


Generally women are better st managing money than men.
When I first met my partner he didn’t have a clue what he was doing financially but when I took over he is able to invest.


Unamwachia alipe aone. Mwanamke amezoea kulipiwa rent na bwanake atastruggle kusustain hiyo lifestyle na kwanza kama biological clock ishaenda, no sponsor will come to her aid.


Not always, some spend way more than they can afford and call boyfriends/sponsors to sort them out.


Damme ametoka kwa familia iko na kakitu mbaya so that exasperates the problem further.