WIN 11 Pro Activation

Point me where I can get free or cheap activation keys.

Asanteni sana

:D:Dwindows 10 is still a better experience… 11 ni kama android, bloated with unnecessary features

G2A. If you’re really looking to save then buy Windows 10 key then upgrade.

Hii Windows 11 ilipop up juzi kwa lappy yangu saying its ready for download. I had to decline the request. Windows 10 still serves me well.

People still buy em legit keys? I thought we all of us if not most ran bootlegged is out there?

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Siku hizi genuine win10 discs ni cheap na kama unatumia kms utasumbuliwa by Microsoft everytime they force update your pc.

Unasaka Ile Iko activated

Tayari niko nayo.

Fanya venye walifanya windows 10 if keys are genuine update from official windows site na keys utapata

Mnanishangaza sana. mmeshindwa ku activate windows. kuna ka file kadogo ka 89kb kanaitwa activator(might be tricky to get it), run it and your windows 10 is permanently activated, then update to windows 11. For those saying windows 11 is trash mna shida unless the UI maybe sio agreaable to you or you tried it months ago but we have better HDR support, Better virtual desktop support

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Leta tutorial ya hio activator

Shida ni one day Microsoft wataskuma update na unajipata unaitishwa activation keys.

Iyo ni short term activator venye @nelo angelo amekushow hapo juu

So far, Windows 10 is more stable than Windows 11. Windows 10 will get security updates until 2025. Why don’t you wait until 2024? I believe Windows 11 will be more stable. Wacha kiherehere na UI ya WIndows 11.

Boss hapo juu nimesema permanent activation, hata with updates you retain activation. As usual run as admin

For peace of mind, abandon this activator bs. Just buy a key. Activate. Bliss.

You’ll be able to reinstall OS or update without worries. Latest versions of Windows (will) require an MS account so you might as well just activate with a key.

Boss kama una pesa we nunua, sisi wengine hatuna, and the above activator works, umejaribu ikakataa before calling my solution BS. Updates works, MS account works. Stop with the hating. I never upload stuff here without proper testing. I test the patch in VM. buying the software is always an option.

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Usikasirike. I didn’t call your solution bs. I called the whole idea of using activator bs for the reason I have stated. ONce you activate with MS you never have to think about it again however many times you install Windows on the same machine.

I won’t criticise anyone for using an activator for whatever reason… From where I stand they’re not worth the trouble. To each their own.

sasawa ndugu, mimi the only thing i buy ni vitu husumbua sana like VPN, IDM. but vitu zinataka activation once or twice a year siezi nunua but that’s personal preference.