Willis Raburu


@Thiem its soo bad you are spreading aids at such an alarming rate

what’s the problem?

Maybe the wife had a miscarriage

Shida ni gani tena, asiseme ameteswa na kunguru

Sometimes if you wake up and you are healthy, thank your God.

alimwaga ndani but aoni matunda


Mbwa, the wife is my niece

We don’t give shit

So, what’s up then?

Sasa hamtalala mkisumbuka na Raburu. Don’t have better things to do? Like sleeping or wanking?

Nategea ka GG kaingiane mkiwa za ndume.mwenzenu

May be a miscarriage… pole to them

Kwani alpha hutambua… To tue public he should just keep smiling ile ya freemasons…
cc. Bob


One of the wisest remarks on this thread. Willis is basically a decent person. I sympathize with his situation. When a man opens his heart in such a public way, igho ghitu

I wish them all the best and pray for them.

Kitu sija wahi elewa ni watu kuweka tumambo twao fb/social media. If its paybill to seek funds for education, medication or some genuine cause ni sawa. But kuna watu hu display life zao for all & sundry to see. Forgetting not everyone will be genuinely happy for them.

Low life, when you put your issues in the social media, expect no mercy

Posting your problems on social media doesn’t help especially if you are a celeb, people just don’t give a crap