Why was Bob Collymore So Secretive?

He was probably the best CEO Safaricom will ever have, but the guy’s wikipedia page is basically empty coz very little is known about the guy, it appears Safaricom was his first CEO position, guy didn’t have post-secondary education and had 2 previous wives before marrying Wambui but no one knows much about them and their kids, for such a public profile, that is very odd. Also, it is not clear what he was working on until the age of 45 (2003, when he landed his first serious position)…

I wonder why Vodafone had so much faith in him…

May he RIP, he was a legend

He was just lucky by being in the right company at the right time and he went with the flow.
Sly guy.

Nipewe cheo ya ‘MGTOW chief’ or i disband this village kila mtu arudi reserve

All those things you’ve stated were in the open, the 2 wives he divorced, he never hid about the lack of a post secondary certificate, not sure where he worked but he started from the bottom acquiring skills that propelled him to the top. I always tell graduates, the degree just gives you your first job, to advance, you need more

He was a humble guy and God opened doors for him but unfortunately he married 3 kungurus. That’s all there is to it. RIP.

I beg to differ, he is on record saying his early marriages failed because he married when he was young and hadn’t really figured out what he really wanted in marriage, he was still in journey of self discovery, that is why we normally preach here that young men should not rush to these things, us men have a longer shelf life compared to these women

Collymore was the exact antithesis of Sonko and his ilk. Also, British mannerisms.

So now we’re comparing bob to sonko? Those men operated in different worlds in every other way.

If this Man was a Kenyan, He’d not have left the basement at Safaricom, courtesy of oir Pseudo-Elitism.

Chairlady umedungwa Sputnik ama unataka ukufe MGTOW waanze kuhangaikia hapa? Sasa oneni Nigerian yahoo Boys marrying our girls juu ya MGTOW. Huu ni ungwana kweli?

There’s nothing I hate more than people who accuse other people of being secretive bcz it’s you who is a busy body. Unataka kujua mambo ya mtu ndio ufanye nini nayo? Those who want you to learn from their lives have written books and told their stories openly in different fora. Please learn to mind your own business and concentrate on your own life.

Sasa Michael Joseph ndio secretive kabisa.

It’s ok to poke around the CEO of a publicly traded company, since shareholders and even regular citizens give such persons a lot of trust and responsibility… am particularly interested in his missing career history also because I believe we can all learn from it

:D:D Bonobo made my day banae. Laughed my ass off.

Madoff had the perfect and most open life, look at what he did.

Bob Collymore was consumed by cancer and burnt to ashes the day after.

Digging into his past serves no purpose, let’s forget about him and instead interrogate the background of the midget currently heading Safaricom.

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God can bless you. Do Uhuru or Ruto have CVs? Uhuru was dragged from a farm where he was rega-regaing. The guy who dragged him from that farm was a school teacher and preacher who once slept atop trees to escape hyenas and yet today many refer to him as the Professor of Politics.

Missing career history aje na cv yake iko all over! Yes, he didn’t go to uni but you think he conned Vodafone into appointing him CEO of one of the biggest telcos in Africa?

Jamaa alikuwa sawa… supported some local artists