Why was Bob Collymore So Secretive?

My sentiments exactly. People instead of bothering with their own sorry (or maybe perfect) lives, spend useless energy seeking out others. What what reason, only Jah might know:)

There is so much to do in life, rather than bother about others. But then again…

Even a dead man people won’t let him rest in peace they are busy digging him out. Utter nonsense. It’s only insecure and low IQ people who feel it’s their right to know about others.

I know men like that, first he tries to get info from you by telling you personal stuff to get you to divulge your own which he can use to gossip with other people , when you don’t, he starts gossip about other people. That’s a sign of a loser. They even gossip about their own wives to others.

Please people gossip should be for entertainment only. It’s not a right. Please let the man rest in peace. Gossip about the living if you must. The height of busybodism.

Hapa umedinya point. People need to mind their own shit

Low IQ Bonoboism, this is not muchene, this is a public figure and the guy managed my portfolio of several millions so his ass belongs/belonged to me and the rest of shareholders and we can prode it for as much as we want and you little bonobos will never understand, I guess this is the wrong forum for this kind of discussion, kuna umama mwingi sana hapa, you only want to talk about relationships and sex and personally I don’t partake in that since my sex life is very fulfilling and my relationships have been solid for as long as I can remember… Chao

I would appreciate if you could add me to you ignored list if you don’t like the discussion rather exposing your stupidity here

You should have brought this up when he was alive. We also own Safaricom shares, probably more than you!! So do hundreds of other shareholders who not once did they ask Bob about his sexual life, leave alone his past, at any of the general meetings. Bure kabisa:):slight_smile:

coz I don’t care about what other shareholders are upto, what a stupid argument… you mean I should wait for fellow human beings to scratch their asses before I can scratch my itching ass? fala sana… try that herd mentality with someone else

unaongea kama wale wazee wajinga who think people still care about some local stupid social norms

Billionaire unaweza kuwa na kagari unaweza donate kwa wakameat foundation?, tutatafuta something small as a token of appreciation

NV you’re not even a year old in this streets na unatupa matusi kama veteran. Bado unakuliwa bibi? I remember your sob story when you joined.

Still, there are important questions. Because you know that in most cases, to even get a waiter job at a local cafe, you have to prove at least 6 month experience. To get a local bar waiter job (and I mean really local, like the place where touts drink), you need at least KCPE. To get a cashier (or what they call ‘counter’) job there, you need KCSE. This is usually for 7k to 12k jobs. So you would expect head of safcom to be at least masters or phd level. But i could be wrong… Still, in my earlier years, i was able to get decent jobs with only kcse and computer packages. so it depends. but appreciate wher the people asking the question are coming from…

Your memory is failing you as is expected of a bonobo, and just because the account is new does not mean am knew here, your level of intelligence is depressing man

As is your spelling, either way whether the man was secretive there exists a board to curtail any hankpanky with your millions.

Masters (like MBA) maybe. You DO NOT need a PhD to be CEO. Doctorate degrees are tailored for research and uni teaching. Many hardcore PhDs are egomaniacs that make very lousy CEOs