Why Kikuyus have a tough choice in 2022

The current choices are between those who stoned you (baba) or those who slaughtered you using poisoned arrows and machetes and burnt you in some church.

Is there a third friendly force that Kikuyus should support? Like the way uhooru rose to the occasion in 2013? Or do they have to settle for the lesser evil, the stone throwers?

I’d go with the stone throwers if personally…but I m no kyuk…just an humble dinka.from jonglei state.

And why must it always about kikuyus? I remember there was a time Tigrays in Ethiopia lorded over everything, until the Amhara rose to power. Tigrays now are hunted like rabbit for dinner

Raila is a safer choice. But they never learn.

Safer for who? Why should kikuyus be scared of anybody?

I’ll go with Kivutha.

Hey Dinka fellow. Please explain this to us naive Sudan analysts over here in Ktalk.

Since oil prices have been dipping, where and how are the loot-seeking warlords and generals going to finance the vast patronage system that is always propped up oil revenues?

This is a hard one. Raila is a good choice but considering what they have put him through you can’t really tell the amount of pain and revenge that man might be bearing on his heart.

Ruto is more bold but damn, the son of sugoi is impulsive and can be radical if you fall on his wrong side

Safe choice is Kivutha Kibwana. He is an outsider with a sane mind

Who are they?

I am a Kikuyu. It is not clear if the Kikuyus really have a choice to make… it has been made on their behalf by the system… Secondly, this thing in Kenya is about two families only: Kenyattas and Mois… I do not know how “we” have ruled yet we know who has been at the helm all the time… Kibaki was an accidental president.

tribalism starts with you!

mimi na bibi yangu @Finest wine kura yetu iko kwa Raira Amolo ojinga

Arsenali magunia 1…Mancity 3.

Meanwhile…MoDs why are you allowing my Bae Uwes to post that I am a Jakuon supporter? I never will be.

Hie Charcoal guy

Wewe wachana na Bibi ya wenyewe

Its still to early to decide… wait for atleast the last year then we will see who will be on the ballot and which alliances have been formed. there is still alot of political scheming and posturing going on.

We don’t need tribal leaders, Konyagi has only benefitted his mum n family.
We need national leaders who will articulate national policies

Mimi sipigii msapere Kura tena. Hizi ghasia ndio zinatukula. Kwanza Moses courier want to resign akuje Nairobi cownty asimame governor. Ataona moshi atakuja nairobi si ya mamake.

Nice. Kibwana ni mtu ya mkono ya Arror. We will support him.

You should know days of people voting as a tribe are done for …if u are still voting as a crowd well you should check your brain for haemorrhage.