Why Kikuyus have a tough choice in 2022

:D:D:D wake up son.

Nijikute nkiamka kupiga kura tena.

To the Agĩkũyũ, it’s Ruto all the way. He and his tribesmen have supported Uhuru twice to the man. He has paid his debts willingly. In Mt Kenya region, the name president and Raila cannot be mentioned in the same sentence!

And where are they?

there will be massive voter apathy in Mt.Kenya in 2022. But bcoz of the inherent hate for Raila, the few who will vote most of them will vote for the Sugoi killer chief.

After Ruto said he will support the BBI I lost interest in his future plans.


Now I am supporting[COLOR=rgb(250, 197, 28)] Kivutha Kibwana

Let Uhuru pay his own debts. I don’t owe Arap Kimwarer anything.

They stoned kikuyus when?

Plus, why pimp people’s votes? Vote Ni ya mtu binafsi, aipige atakavyo; it should actually be someone’s secret. But choosing a president has been turned into a life and death matter…

Sawa, Uhuru isn’t great, we agree. But let’s not pretend a handshake didn’t happen somewhere. Have you seen raila interrupt normal programming once to say the terms of the handshake have been violated? You know he Loves that sh*t. He lives for it. Have you seen him complain once? What does that tell you? That he’s contented. And what contents that one more than power?
Someone is ruling you in the background. Na sio raila pekee, watch orengo too and that team of ‘lawyers’ they always have around. And Uhuru wasn’t great, but at least there was always a barrier between state house and the common mwananchi so that the mwananchi remained untouched in certain ways. Si sasa Ni huduma namba mnachukulishwa by force? Do you know it’s similar to social security and it’s tied in with prisons and commoditizing of people? Have we seen any Full disclosure on it? What is it really for? To streamline data? So those organizations can’t share the data they already have and only follow up on the ones with discrepancies? ID numbers are supposed to be unique, yes? So ask yourself, why do they need you to go personally to declare yourself? Why do they need your participation? Because they need you to feel responsible once they start using the number to screw you. We are frogs in simmering water. Moto inaongezwa mdogo mdogo so we can’t feel it.
I’ll give you a secret about raila, (and I am Not defending Uhuru and everything they have done): but raila ain’t never do a single original thing in his life. Everything he brings you he gets from America. And life in America is great - for politicians and big business. The others are working three jobs and still drowning in debt and getting taxed even for collecting rainwater in their backyards. And that’s why bbi and hujuma namba and others are here: to justify increased expenditure leading to extra taxation and so on.

But in the meantime, you have no problems. Concentrate on worrying about how you can scare kikuyus into voting for the guy you like. That’s all that matters right now.:wink:

If you want to look at it from a tribal lens, i tjink kikuyus will win either way, they’re playing on both sides, so if tangatanga wins, arror has some kyuk politicians who will benefit, if kieleweke is to win, konyagi and his kyuk cronies will still benefit

Amka usikojoe kwa bed

Lakni Kivutha ako na ka-udikteta flani, Nyerere-style [which is perhaps what we need]…

Mefwi thread.

There are no Kikuyus who win in any elections. We are just fooled to believe so. The people who win are the Kimani Ichungwas, Susan Kihikas, etc. The rest of the Kikuyus are no better than other Kenyans.

Unakuanga fala Sana wewe… So in your dreams you picture yourself on top of the post wall land whale apple arranger from London? :D:D:D

utaacha ufala wewe. Why are you taking people back? As long as many are concerned, the 2007 fight is behind us. We cannot dwell on the past!!!. Sai Mt. Kenya wako nyuma ya DP Uncle William. kutaja baba uko ni kupigia mbuzi guitar. Husle narrative imeshika sana.

Europeans still commemorate D-day / WWII over 70yrs after. FYI 2007 happened because they “forgot” about 1992 and 1997.

Word. Hao wamama especially Kiamburians are to watch for. Just ask one KIBOGO…but that aside why do some Kenyans elevate Kyuks to a deity level? don’t look at who the mountain is voting for. Tokeeni nyote and vote for your candidate and all shall be well.
The average Kyuk like me does not benefit from a Kyuk presidency.

I agree, that’s why i peefaced my statement with 'if we are to look at it from a tribal lens…

Mimi niko na uncle ruto liwe liwalo

Stockholm syndrome definition: It is a psychological problem where a victim bonds with his (2007) tormentor (hasora) and sees his savior (oohooroo) as the enemy.