Why Indians....?

Why is it that, it’s mainly Indians and non native whites that have invested in industries in Kenya. Most of Kenyans industries are owned by Indians and whites. Why is it that most black Kenyans are only investing in malls, real estates and mitumba business. Why are we shying from investing in industries guys?


Power is a dirty thing…those businesses you mentioned don’t belong to those Indians!!

Mentality and attitudes. It is so funny seeing how the mbuloti craze has consumed Kenyans - very weird obsession with owning a piece of land. Alafu hii upuss ya copying from others. Think of stalls, movie shops, mpesa shops, wines and spirits, nduthis business, finding somewhere to do farming (either green house or somewhere in the outskirts of Nairobi), pig farming, poultry farming, uber, online writing, forex trading, selling things on jumia etc.

Nimeingia carrefour Nyayo stadium naskia muhindi akiuliza bonobo supermarket employee kama wako na item fulani, akajibiwa hawana… Cue muhindi “you guys (clearly implying lazy, non-proactive bonobos) shouldn’t be waiting for a customer to be requesting xxxx bana, you should push for the management to anticipate customer’s needs blah blah blah” niliwacha chenye nafanya just to get a better look at that foolish condescending muhindi. Jinga sana. Otherwise big up to their organised collective nature of achieving much with togetherness

Unlike muhindi n arab, bonobo family business ni non starter. Wahindi hukusanya capital from generations na extended family, wanachora mpango na hawadungani visu. There is immense power in organisation, collective intelligence and responsibility and integrity. Wazito wa familia ki akili draw up feasible and lucrative plans, get funding from entire clans, employ the entire clan in positions of authority, decision making, money and inventory control etc where someone has aptitude and look after the entire family and train the next generation to take over the reins. No family BS infighting for ‘inheritance’. Bonobo ata mzee amefariki wanapigania even the clothes that were on his back smh

Well Indians have been in Kenya since the 1800s, first with the railroad then later textiles, milling and retail. Many more of them settled in Kenya in the 70s after Amin chased them from UG. They invested heavily in the industrial niche as the corporate sector back then was strictly for white settlers and a select few elite Africans, and by then public office was almost entirely staffed by natives. In short their roots in the industries of Kenya are centuries old. They have had a long time to master and dominate their trades.

Birrionaires Kenyans don’t want day to day hustles wanataka kukaa kwa mancave wakikula rent ya investments zao na kukunywa pombe na kula malanye

not really it is just our culture and tradition to hold unto land and animals. Indians had seen the benefit of industries by the time they landed in kenya to build the railway. in the 70s, they were mainly merchants , selling items mostly from india, in late 70s, bonobos said indians were taking over their businesses as traders, Indians didn’t have land to do farming , so naturally they came together and started industries since bonobos couldn’t start them because of capital outlays which Indians had accumulated from years of trading as merchants. Walk to any Indian company, 90% of machinery is from India or south korea.
we are still obsessed with land that’s why folks are being conned all over , kila mutu desire a place near the capital city, sahi indians are busy buying in nanyuki cheaply then they build mansions there , weekends they go there to relax, soon nanyuki will be out of reach of bonobos.

Bana the amount of Karens and stuck up assholes at Carrefour is amazing, I really pity the staff who have to put up with that bullshit on one end, and the racist French management who treat them like trash on the other. But then you look at Tuskys and Uchumi and Ukwala and Nakumatt and you say well…Wacha omusungu aendelee na management style yake.

Asians including Indians are good in Science and technical skills. From Japan,China and South Korea to smaller Asian economies like Vietnam and Bangladesh, manufacturing is their main business.

… and where were the bonobos when all this was being done?

He has explained it so a class 8 can understand. Ama kusoma umeshindwa?

Corporate sector was reserved for whites
Government jobs reserves for natives
Farms and land-elite natives and whites
Industries and trading-Indians.

I wonder if there are any Indian owned business (big) in the service industry though.

We have more money than those indians but we keep it in 50*100 parcels of land.

Ile inabaki tumaweka kwa chuma na kokoto na simiti kujenga flats

You complain of a condescending Indian yet call your fellow African a bonobo… hehe Talkers kweli ni ngumu kuwaelewa.

What are some of the low hanging fruit in manufacturing. You have to hand it to the Indians these guys are skilled business people. In my local town huku deep rift Valley they have cornered the hardware, construction and vehicles biz na they live like kings banae

Sijui lini mwafrika ataanza kuwa serious about their lives

Blaming colonialism for every African failure is the ultimate height of bonoboism

Seema like many ktalk new comers do not understand the exact meaning of certain terms. That one probably thiught bonobo is a synonym for an African.

It is in their culture to do for themselves. They for example limited Coca Cola in India, preferring to manufacture and sell their own brands.

Merchant mentality combined with prioritizing education. This puts them in a good position to start complex manufacturing and engineering companies that not any ordinary bonobo can compete with.

Sisi nywele ngumu tunajua kufungua MPESA shop, butchery na bar zikifuatana kama kumi kwa barabara moja. Meanwhile muhindi ako na monopoly ya chemical processing kule inda

They built the rail,they have always been ahead of us.