Why Indians....?

all other races had a headstart and cointributed to keeping the black man oppressed , after independence the black man had no sh*t to his name …na shida bado hazikuwa zimeanza…indians had a huge headstart hence their development…

:smiley: clone wars ziliisha ama

Indians have my respects when it comes to savings, savings, savings… Sisi ni kuchafua mesa pwana, with exotic liquor… Ooooh mimi ni mutu whiskey, plack lapel… And they marry right often times, sio kuokota kunguru n call it live …

You have to look at both the bigger & smaller picture. Muhindi akirudi home kutoka shule maybe alikubaliwa 30 mins ya TV… maybe you were allowed the same but tofauti ni little Pranjeet’s parents made the informed decision of curating the media he was exposed to and limiting it to shit like nat geo & discovery channel on DSTV. Meanwhile bonobos had to make due with shit like this on The Beat on NTV.


Guess who was unknowingly being set up for success and who was unconsciously being set up for failure. Bonobos hamuwezi saidika. This is what it means to get woke @LuandaMagere sio kublame the white man for all our shortcomings but to realise how we are our own worst enemy. If at any point you were in primary/high school in the 90s or 00s a large part of your psyche is unknowingly influenced by hip hop/rap culture. Your subconscious idea of success is rimz, grillz, & chainz nigga! White kids and Indian kids must be wondering how absurd is this negroe!

Hadi leo a 40 year old woman like @Finest wine still brags about how much of a wiz khalifa or tyga head she is. Meanwhile her next door neighbour, Benedict Chesterfield makes sure watoi wanafika Royal Academy of Dramatic Art kusoma Shakespeare. Now ask yourself who is the real racist? Who is really keeping the black man down?

India is a shitest of all the shithole countries. You don’t even need to go there, just watch YouTube. From their shitty religions, shitty hygiene, shitty ‘show me your nobs and vegana’ beta males to shitty everything.

Otherwise, Kenyan Indians are successful because of being ‘foreigners’ in a foreign land. In such an instance, your mind will be set to succeed by all means partially due to scarcity mentality and survival instincts.

That is why even Africans who move to the US or Europe are almost always successful than even the citizens/natives of those countries.

The real reason is sabotage from fellow bonobos who would rather promote foreigners than fuel the success of their fellow brother or sister.

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Indians were the professional class of the Arab-Swahili cities. They ran the banking system while Arabs sat back and enjoyed proceeds of slave labor. When colony started they were able to transition to new opportunities while Arabs and Swahilis faded from influence. After slaves were freed most Arabs chose to return to Yemen and Oman.


Niaje bonobo.

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Capital. The seed money to start an industry is no joke.
Indians have generations of weather. Their family is basically a business unit. If you study the cottage industries in India, you begin to understand them more.
Just the way kenyans love being landlords, indians love having small factories. Sometimes even in their compounds. Now an industry unlike an apartment requires workers. Naturally, the family members are the most likely choice for the top positions. It makes sense. You’ll never hear of nepotism because wao hapana tambua. Family is business and business is family.
When the sons become men they don’t pursue their passions. They first study to fill in a gap from the company. Utasikia mtu akisoma law ndio akuwe family lawyer. Not because anapenda kesi lakini that’s what is needed.
Nimewahi enda interview kwa mhindi. I was interviewed by their 12 and 16 year old son.
Sisi tumekalia bench. The sons wamekalia viti za wageni. The dady amekalia big chair.
I felt humiliated.

Indians live easily. Like the whole family fits into one house. Kutoka baba hadi wajukuu. Nyumba yenyewe ni yao so ni rent. They also have very few cars. Unless one of the sons is a collector. And one normally is. Kitu 2013 used to go watch drag races pale Westlands and it was an Indian thing. Young rich indians with some crazy mods. Back home Utapata wote wamejisunda kwa probox to work. Hio gari ikianguka management nusu inaaga dunia…

Then they promote among themselves. An Indian will only buy from a fellow indian. Unless under very exceptional conditions. Just check out these mahindra vehicles. Almost exclusively owned by indians.
Hio gari at 20,000 kilometers imechapa huwezi amini. But they are still going to buy it.

umesahau kusema kama uliona tax evasion…anyways…they also got a head start during african colonisation , they were allowed to grow while we were being oppressed . They also maintained their culture and religion unlike us…so we dnt value each other or our families while they are all working together for a common goal set by their eldest patriachs

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Not many africam-owned businesses survive after the death of the owner. Most times the relatives run them to the ground in record time, so it’s rare for these businesses to generate generational wealth. What would happen to Kirubi’s businesses in case he offs? Other African idiots like Moi, Ruto, Samuel Gichuru couldnt be bothered with generating wealth, they just stole raw cash. The best their minds could come up with are shitty hotels like Weston. They couldnt even manufacture a needle, just steal the money and hide it in mzungu country where it funds the building of their country. Sometimes I get ashamed of being an African, it’s like our leaders go out of their way to embarrass us. Look at Uhuru who had the goodwill of so many, he is a pathetic drunkard who left the safe open fir his deputy and their relatives to steal everything. It’s disgusting.



Indians were also colonized btw. And its exactly how they ended up in Africa.

The one reason why India has moved ahead of Africa and will stay ahead is that they prioritized education especially in STEM. But for their insane caste system, they’d be toe to toe with China.

Pakistan has been held back by Islamic fundamentalism. Despite having a high population like India, their lunatic desire to follow the ways of backward Arabs has cost them major strides in development.

Uganda kicked out Asians under Idi Amin and black people took over. What happened next is well known to all. Within a year, all those businesses collapsed and with it the Ugandan economy.

Most people dont know this but the biggest IT companies in the country are Indian owned .You will never hear about them because they are mainly B2B and they never shout .Ukiwa kwa industry ndio utajua how big akina Copy Cat and Craft Silicon ,Compulynx et all are and have cornered the enterprise market for high value IT services .

They are also hugely invested in tourism and own very many hotels and tours and travels companies .

education is the differentiator,every indian with means takes their kids to the best schools they can afford which gives them the head start another thing is the business ecosystems that they have built among themselves from suppliers to manufacturers to wholesalers to banks to insurance to IT to even the food they’ll eat, heck even vehicles they’d buy a tata first before any other,in short top to bottom is indian,they are now getting into front end politics.As an african family members ata ndio wakwanza kukataa miguu.