Why do men cheat?

Can’t men stick to one woman for life if she gives you sex whenever you want? after all you just cum and that is your satisfaction.


@Michelle usiende mbali. Wako lunch break. Wakirudi kwa ofisi watakam kukujibu…


They dont. Cheat is a word in this case allocated a wrong meaning. Next! Matiang’i frown



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Monogamy is not natural. Kuma moja kila siku is impossible


I think its time we stopped blaming men .I learnt that men like excitement. They like to look forward to something . No matter how much sex you give and it has nothing new to it then he will cheat .Try new styles , Do role play , Text him something naughty , try snm, Don’t always be available

LOL if all that doesn’t help .Then girl cheat too .2can play that game :wink:


f for following


I personally dont cheat,but instead walk away. I’m easily bored and easily frustrated as well with relationships. Most commonly if i get the impression the lady is just tagging along in the relation and leaving all the work to make things work on me. I hate someone who cant even take initiative to to do something that would bring us closer. I hate someone who is mean,self centred and wont even reciprocate appreciation. I tend to go where i think i will be apprecitiated amd biuld a relationship and make the best of it when it lasts


Ditto… This is bound to be interesting.


If you keep eating the same food day in day out, what happens? You get bored despite the fact that the food satisfies your hunger, you get an urge to eat something different for a change. I ain’t saying no more.


Because women allow them to.


enaf said

:D:D:D this nigga got it right


The current generation of men practice monogamy, hapo ndio shida huanzia coz women use it to manipulate them. wanapewa kuma na masharti mingi sio kama vile alikua bado anadetiwa. Men do not like to beg for what is theirs (nunu) and so prefers an easy catch any that comes along ata kama ni poko or a new girl who boosts his ego. The men in this site if they openly tell you the numbers of times they have sexed their wives in a year more than 80% will fall in a category of less than 100 which translates to maximum 4 times/month. That is the source ya kuhanya




I personally cheat because of the demons. I see someone’s beautiful daughter and i just want to dick her so bad expecting different results for the deep strokes i will be giving. Maybe today i want to hit the gall bladder but her vagina surprises me with deep roundabouts, tomorrow i want maybe a moaner. She will be calling me daddy and all that, the day after i want a sex maniac; she will be hanging from ceiling and jumping on my dick for the fun of it. Maybe ask me to have my foot in her veegy too or beat the hell outta her as i seek to nut. Comes Thursday i will want old sex, experienced slow sex from old mama, she will then tell me about her sex life when i asked not.The BJs and orgies she had when she was young.

I will be one disgusted mofo and i will seek repentance from ancestors and holy people above.I will mourn my wallet, All the wasted time. Of the expense i incurred for every new lay, the philosophy of pussy is the same will be haunting me. I will be a philosopher at the moment. PNC right!
I will swear to stop that trend and join church choir and that’s why for the remaining days i will be faithful to the one and only.

For the one and only(in this case you), I will take her out for romantic dates, buy gifts etc for 2- 3 days before i get bored by exaggerated love and of seeing exposed thighs around. I will humbly abstain and take a walk down the plains trying to rebuild my broken soul with the quite nature. As i pass mating cows, dogs stuck again and even birds at it, one thing will be clear; that everything around me is a lie,that there is no place quite enough for a wondering mind. Then a text from Hellen: “Na umeninyamazia siku hizii…”, HAPA INABIDI TWENDE NALO…repeat repeat.


To be at peace my dear, take it as a very natural thing that no man can have one woman and it is very impossible to fight nature. Note I don’t condone unfaithfulness. Problem is that women are now following suit. Wonder why HIV infection is on the rise? It is this compe ya you do it, I can do it better upus.


The fact mwanaume ni kadinya naturally, should not be your concern, if u are satisfied by cuming by same cock,be grateful he comes back to you. nunua vibrator