Why do men cheat?


And yet you guys say women are complicated

How many times you go walk away? For how long?

Umeto…na wangapi?
Tell us then uje na effidense

Outside catering rasma. Even women encourage it quietly. Thats why their love for mbad mboyz


I couldn’t agree more. People cheat if you allow them. If the consequences are dire they won’t dare. But if you keep forgiving and taking them back, they will keep doing it. I speak as one who cheats but cannot stand being cheated on. I know… double standards


there’s no reason.

You cheat because your mouse allows it.


Hahahaaaa ati “dire consequences”! Warrathiz? Watu huku laptop zimerushwa kwa maji all clothes shredded including the one black suit that is a must have. Nini hii dire? You sound like muthama na funguo mbili ya amani na shida = onge


Enda Platinum 7D Nax vegas upewe 18year old glenfiddich.


…and expose your self ,you wife and chidren to all forms of dangers. Men must be careful and stop using their d- -k recklessly ! Utaleta magojwa kwa boma yako utakufa uwaachie watoto shinda .

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Is having multiple bms considered cheating? Am asking because once umezaa na mwanamke hata aende wapi you can hit it any day anytime any place regardless Kama ako na chali mwingine or married! If it’s so them am guilty as charged

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Of course you take the necessary measures unakula different dishes using a spoon not with your bare hands.

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Some holes are too wide

men naturally are sowers, ahuri a mbeu. they do it to increase the chances of the survival of their genes. it’s ingrained in their DNA.


Who doesn’t like something new?

Same d–is are too small
Anyway life is not about sex , there are many things that it offers…why do men see woman as sex object ?

It’s all about the thrill … The thrill of the chase!!

there ain’t nothing like a new pussy