It would have been genetically impossible for Yehshua to have blue eyes or white skin seeing that the genetic mutation that causes blue eyes didn’t exist until the 1200 a.n.c,also Hebrew men and women never had a white skinned child until they started marrying outside the Hebrew community.Now with that being said who cares about the color of his skin Yehshua,Muhammed,Krishna,Buddah and so many others had the same message of love and unity under god as for me I follow Hashem or Jah the god of my life

Fuck all religion

He also rode on a unicorn


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again…jesus wasnt white…give I n I the real messiah nd keep the man with the blue eyes for yourself

There are no saviours.

Why so much concern with skin colour.

Why so much concern with skin colour.

@ol monk @Unicorn thats blasphermous. Religion is the epitome of racism and Inequality. Religion will never save any man, and no one is enlightened enough to say this is the true way. Dnt mock what you dnt knw or understand.

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@Cypher254 wacha fear mongering. thats what feeds and sustains religion.

@Ingia its called being wise. Scientist do not mock theories/hypothesis of theoretical physicist, they are acknowledge and accommodated. You should learn to inclusive not the opposite.

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If a scientist determines that a theory is not evidently not sustainable he criticizes it. You might see that as mockery. You might say, bertrand russell mocked christianity when he talked of cosmic teapot, or JB Bury’s donkeys. I am at liberty to ridicule what i presume non existent. if i have to fear and respect such theories of god or such beings, then, i am a very religious person. I am not. I do not see religion from your perspective. if you are afraid of moving away or criticize christianity/other religion and all its elements, you are pretty much its prisoner. After all religion operates on the principle of FEAR, and it is a sisyphean task to get away.

Ingia =Atheist.

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Boss i thought we established that i have no love for religion? there is a big difference between criticism and mockery. Depicting Jesus break dancing in front of roman catholic bishops and ridding a unicorn (a mythical creature) is in bad taste. that’s not criticism but mocker of @ol monk and @Unicorn. You are not enlightened to be al knowing and i fault religion in claiming they are. where respect is not mutual chaos and anarchy thrive.

as @wildfrank and ma nigga Eddie Griffins said “it daent matter who brought the message, question is did you get the fucking message” coz be honest they all fundamentally the same.

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I respect people like @ol monk and @Unicorn who evidently exist because they are posting here not imaginary beings. Nobody should require me to respect imaginary beings. That is asking me to convert. And what message and griffins are you talking about??

people have tried to preach fear of gods to me, but am beyond that bruh.

dude you dnt become a woman when you respect one or become a jew when you respect one. your argument here is not informed nor does it have merit.

You say you are a facts guy, did Jesus break dance in front Roman Catholic bishops or Rode a Unicorn something that’s imaginary and by your own words you say you dnt get associated in such?

Making Jesus to appear white was big in convincing Africans that mzungu is closer to the real God and that our traditional gods were not good enough. Do you have any idea the billions of dollars Africans give the Catholic church and the Anglican church every year? Traditional Africans were not hypnotised by white skin like we are today. After colonisation and brain washing, everybody wants mzungu-like skin and hair.

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Did i claim am going to change to anything? Dont beat about the bush here. I respect gods as much as i respect mickey mouse.
That is a parody kama vile unaweza niita fisi hapa and I will not protest. You can make fun of me and kwani what can I do other than retaliate in the same way? to me jesus was just another regular joe and parodying him doesnt change anything. It seems to me that you are a christian(catholic) in denial. Who is jesus not to be parodied. we have parodied emperors. who is a street preacher who died 2000 year ago and is probably now dust not to be parodied?

You fear religion too much moreso christianity that you in a crusade of trashing them. I have presented facts why i didnt like the line old monkey (@ol monk) and @Unicorn were taking. Criticize constructively i will be with you 100% if i see the point, i will never support mockery, bigotry,stupidity and cheap shots so as to discredit someone or something.

Dude be factual and you will never go wrong, leave emotion to bitches.

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I like you picking out a line by line of my arguments not generally insulting people here. That kind of intolerant attitude achia ISIS.
You dont like what @ol monk and @Unicorn were doing and the way am talking because you respect and fear christian deities, which means you are christian. Dont try to force anyone into your thing. keep it to yourself.

I think if you offer a banana then the story would be different