While U Were Posting Here...Kenyans Who Matter Made Moves.

Popular Mother-in-Law actress Faith Nyaga aka Lisa got married to the love of her life in an exclusive ceremony on Friday, December 11, 2020.

The event featured media celebs such as Cathrine Kamau aka Kate Actress, Timothy Kimani aka Njugush and Abel Mutua’s wife Judy Nyawira.


Sources in Nyaga’s circle say that her white lace gown cost Ksh 100,000.

The wedding was held at an exclusive location in Nairobi which attendees were unwilling to reveal.

The ceremony was kept under wraps, with one of the actors who is in a WhatsApp group with Nyaga saying, “We just saw photos on WhatsApp”.

Photos of Faith’s husband were also not made public, with the couple preferring to hide his identity. :D:D:D

The actress had held a bridal shower on Sunday in an all-white ceremony attended by her close friends.

Wedding planners and suppliers in Kenya cash in on ceremonies where couples spare no expense.

A report by Samantha Bridal, one of Kenya’s leading wedding media and lifestyle companies, stated that weddings generate an average of Ksh30 billion every year.

Some of the largest expenses are incurred in booking locations, gowns, decoration, tents and VIP transport.

Simon Kimani of Reliable Vehicle Rentals in Nairobi said that VIP vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruisers or Prados can go for as much as Ksh 15,000 per day including fuel and chauffeur costs. More luxurious models like Range Rovers and Mercedes Benzs go for more than Ksh 20,000 while budget cars fetch Ksh 7,000 a day each.

Locations such as St Francis Karen cost Ksh 75,000 for the venue, exclusive of the food.

“Many Kenyans are marrying late in life when they are established in careers that afford them a disposable income which they can use to finance the kind of wedding they want,” a section of the report revealed.

Businessman Jared Otieno made headlines a few years ago when he landed in Meru with choppers and high-end cars to pay a Ksh15 million dowry for his girlfriend Kendi Mwiti, with sources indicating he spent almost double the amount during their wedding that was held at Windsor Golf & County Club.

Wilson Mutura and Ann Mutura hold the record for the cheapest wedding in Kenya as they got hitched on a Ksh 100 budget. The couple made the headlines after their unique low-cost wedding went viral back in 2017.

And…In more News…

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi has borrowed a leaf from her father and ventured into a business cherished by their family.

Saumu founded her own company which sells real estate properties just like Sonko did before he got into elective politics.

Saumu runs the business with her husband, Lamu Senator, Anwar Loitiptip who is the CEO.

According to her company’s online profile, she specialises in selling beach properties which range at between Ksh 8 million and Ksh 30 Million.

Sonko (Centre) strikes a pose with his daughter Saumu Mbuvi (Left) and granddaughter Sasha during his birthday party on March 4, 2020.
(Above is Sonko (center), his wife Primrose Mbuvi (right) and daughter Saumu during her graduation in June 2018 )

The company has plots and houses in Lamu, Malindi, Diani and Mombasa towns along the Indian Ocean.

Some of the properties include a 5-bedroom mansion by the ocean whose price is listed as Ksh 29 million and a villa going for Ksh 30 million.

Sonko used to be a land and property dealer based at the Coast. Through the business, the governor made his first Ksh 1 million.

He also bought two beach houses for himself in Watamu and Diani. However, he sold the properties later on before he was voted Nairobi Governor.

Sonko had previously worked as a manager in the sales and marketing department of his father’s company.

The late Mzee Kivanguli was a shrewd property dealer in land and beach plots in the Coast, selling properties to European investors.

After the lands and property business, Sonko relocated to Nairobi where he invested in the transport industry. He bought and managed matatus which made him a household name in the county.

Aint that standard price ya midro crass? Anyhu,bora uhai,wengine ni wall wamenyusia

Hawa madam wa siku hizi wakishamake huoa simp ama beta as is referred here, harusi, gown wanjininulia, wanahire magari wenyewe for show off etc ndio maana hata uyo jamaa hawezi onekana. Amefugwo

Abel Mutua na Njugush ni marafiki wa chanda na pete. Ata ivo…hao wengine wametajwa hapo siwajui

Wewe umejua. This is why he is hiding his identity. She prolly paid dowry for herself too.

Hapo Kwa dowry hapana. Uyo dem ameoa sio kuolewa just to show alikuwa Kwa soko hata alpha males wakimkataa

It is becoming more and more rampant these days. Women helping out the man with dowry payment chini ya meza which just kills the whole vibe. How will that man ever have a say? You have my brain overworking now…wondering why he shied away from the cameras!!!

Have learnt something new today!

It is happening and to some of us it is shocking as we just cannot imagine which kind of man accepts that ‘help!’


Am lost. What is Tawe?

I came across this phenomenon last year. Anyway, the Bible already predicted that there will come a time when women will marry men only to get a name…

Ukilipa dowry ati 1 million halafu marriage ilast kama 1 year pekee, si hio ni scam? Sku izi don’t pay such dowry ukue beta ama alpha male…

Dowry nayo hatulipi hata manzi akileta kimbelembele ATI ajilipie! Tunaweka mimba tu


Dowry is extortion even women can see

Second wife manenos it’s legal in Kenya. God bless Uhuru for assenting to that, we the socially polygamous are covered by the laws of the land.

Umafwi thread.

wanajinunulia engagement ring halafu wanaambia ndume ipropose and make it look like a surprise. hii hata huko USA inafanyika

Najua uko na kadhaa Weweeeeeeeeeee:D. Uhuru wants a second wife from Luonation. Lakini it is against my culture for a woman to saidia the hubby with dowry matters. The man is supposed to toa what he has. It is not a cattle market or a function to impress your relatives that the man has money while he does not.

Worse in Kenya where young folk copy American tabias bila mpango.