While U Were Posting Here...Kenyans Who Matter Made Moves.

It’s a Jamhuri Day weekend lazima niseme “harufu ya tathika yafendeza”. Sheria imemkubalisha atafute totoz anywhere he likes including nyanzabwe the land of his hansake Bro.

I siriusly cricked on the dam (trump, damn) thread because I thought that it had imporrant message for me, my family and for my generrations to come. I just wasted four minutes of my life reading and responding to ‘none of my business’ issues.
Any way, congratulations to the newly weds; I hope the guy enjoys his money’s worth before someone else takes over.

huyo dem tulikuwa tunakunywa na yeye when i used to phuck her colleague Jackie. she is postwall and average

That’s before you turned gey. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nani amekuuliza

Hahaha hii kijiji ina maajabu…a basic event at VRK lakini sensationalism ndio mingi

Umama thread. Thread closed!

You clearly missed my point by 1 million miles.

TAWE in Luhya means NO