Where can I take my kid to learn how to skate?

Wadau saidieni tafadhali, I know of that place in town behind Kenya Cinema…are there any other places or private tutors? Any lead is highly appreciated

Where are you based…if on waiyaki way i could help

Contact 0743303396. He is a good trainer or he can recommend one depending on your location.

Buy them a skateboard and let them train themselves outside. All the kids who are skaters learned that way. If they are in doubt, they can consult YouTube.

True…hapa it takes kids less than a day to learn

Thika road bro

Uko na insurance ya orthopedic?

I didn’t know it’s possible,. But she’s 3 yrs I think she’ll need some guidance…I’ll give a try tho thanks

Will definitely reach him thanks

3 is young. Is it something she wants ama ni wewe?

Is it a prerequisite for learning how to skate?

he will break his ankles. Not worth it, mtoi atavunjika miguu akulaumum maisha yake yote. He will forever be known as the hobbling gowl who can’t play sports and always talk shit about his old man

Mwenyewe amekua akiulizia…you’d be surprised what 3 year olds can do…plus hii ndio age ya kuanza kutafuta talent

Have you seen skating shoes, I don’t think that’s possible…anyway accidents can get you anywhere in life. I’m not the type that raises a child in a bubble

Vitu zengine unaacha mtoto ajijulie kwenye atajulia kivyaje. Thts how men are made.

I have a friend who trains kids. Kuja inbox huyu ni boi wangu.[ATTACH=full]344779[/ATTACH]

Kids v rarely break their ankles because of skating. They learn v fast. I would invest in a helmet and shin pads.

I disaggree. I have a childhood friend of mine when we were learning how to ride baiskeli his mom would beat him because he would come home with wounds. Mpaka leo the guy cant ride a baiskeli.

Wacha kijana avunjike miguu, mikono na pia mbavu kwani hospitali ni za nini?

Preciate you bro!

I like the way you think. Thanks man