When you find yourself on the other side of the door.

My cousin was arrested on Tuesday for defrauding his company Kshs 2.4m. Jana I together with his wife were at Milimani law courts to listen to charges and also see if we can get him out on bail. After the charges were read out, which took less than 3 minutes, the magistrate without much thought reads out conditions of bail, cash bail 300k or surety of 500k. Ok the guy bought a plot back home did some rental houses which earn him roughly 30k per month. He is yet to process the title for the kaplot, he does not have that much cash on him. Jama alikuwa anataka kulia aisee. Magistrates bana, kuwanga na huruma. Na nyinyi akina @pamba jama ni mpole tu, he did not attempt to resist arrest, ako kwa cell, why do you insist on handcuffing and manhandling suspects?

Kitu ingine, within 30 minues jama is bundled into a lory anapelekwa Industrial Area, yaani hamuwesi patia mtu hata a few hours to ran around and secure his bail? Wale mnaibia employers(Safe for those working for the Government) chungeni bana, cover your tracks well otherwise when they come calling utalia.


He needs a criminal lawyer to negotiate better bail terms if he does not have that kind of cash. Na pia kama nyinyi mnataka kumsaidia, si mfanye mchango alafu mchangamkie hiyo rent collection yake hadi deni ilipwe?


Pole sana.
I know how he and you are feeling. I have been through that.
Wakili hata, kama ni temporary, huwa muhimu sana!


Tafta logbook ya rafiki ana gari , have it valuated and use it as collateral, or use brokers wa kotini wakutaftie surety, they’l charge 10% of the bond. Na izi vitu mtu hupanga akiwa police station, by now registrar angekua amecertify na jamaa wenyu angekua nje na bond. And btw it is possible for the magistrate to ‘set’ ile bond unataka, ungetumia iyo court clerk imnunulie chai na nyinyi mpewe favorable bond terms. Hii ni town jua kuishi na watu


He was arrested on Tuesday, leo ni lini? Yaani you guys did not anticipate there would be a bond provision to secure his release? Honestly? Hamkujipanga?

There are those wakilis who normally hang around courts. Una dunga mtu 2k for an hour’s job anakutetea and you walk free.


No offence intended but mtu akishikwa ameshikwa. If indeed he defrauded his employer he should face the consequences. Do all your best to get him out but if nothing works just sit back and say yalio ndwele sipite…you have done your best.
Pole kwa msiba…


Talking like Ndii, ee? :D:D:D:D

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White collar crime, mtu akae mle ndani bila bail bana, the law should be changed.
Why should one bust his/her ass to start a business, only to have greedy accountants steal from him ? The should be very strict on protecting peoples investments.
Small businesses plays important role in our economy.


uliiba nini kasee


If you haven’t noted majority of cases of theft by employees or servants are motivated either by the employer being mean and exploiting employees or the employer is engaged in crooked business. A legitimate and properly structured business will put in place adequate monitoring provisions would detect any malpractices before you are compelled to have someone charged in court.

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aai bana, unapata mtu wa cpa 2 ama bcom anataka kulipwa 200k while in reality ako worth <70k. alafu kazi ni kulia venye mdosi ananyanyasa yeye. alafu anapanga kuiba ili anunue nyoka kama wengine then akishikwa munataka Justice Odunga amuhurumie kweli??


Classic case of Asiyefunzwa na mamake…hufunzwa na uliwemgu

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most of those mofos ni useless, they handle petty cases… something like this you need someone who knows what he is doing because im sure that the accuser aku hire maembe

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Look at all the motivating factors, if the employer is stealing somewhere or using the accountant to declare less taxes be sure the accountant will steal from the employer, if the employer is living large on the sweat of the employee, then something must give. Though not all employees will resort to stealing in the circumstance.

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boss, you might try to find all excuses for it but the thing that will remain is a thief is just a thief. if the employer is evading tax inform kra


Better those useless mofos than none at all, they may be able to address the court in a way the accused may not be privileged to do.

It’s either i get rich as the employer, or my employees, get rich.
You know what happens when, tje second option kicks in. Mtu hurudi ocha, kupanda cassava.

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I am not justifying anything, just an observation.

There is no honour among thieves, as you have aptly put it a thief is a thief, he would rather steal than report.

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Is there an option of both parties getting rich?