When you find yourself on the other side of the door.

Unless kuna options za kubuy stocks za company, and that something that takes time. For a small to medium businesses.
Well established businesses that have incentives, u can retire rich.

Actually the guy had a lawyer but I felt like the lawyer let him down. Also ni kama hawa jama wanted him to suffer, they arrested him on Tuesday saa tisa na jana saa tatu alikuwa kotini. No time to arrange for anything. We got a relative with a log book we are working on getting him out. For those who have been there, how is Industrial area remand prison?


hile simiti alikuwa anatuuzia hapa last year


An honest employee can live with this option but not a crooked one.

Never been there but akitoka akitembea na side kama lori imekatika center bolt usimlaumu. Ni hali ya kuangusha sabuni that did him in. pole


Not everyone knows his way around the courts and the police stations.
You will probably find this is the 1st time he has ever been arrested and if those accompanying him to court haven’t been in such situations before, how do you expect them to know?


Exactly, I am learning now that we have guys who hire collateral for bail.

nitawaangushia hekaya siku moja ya story kama hii. wacheni kwanza vitu zi cool down coz story bado ni moto.


its like the employer tayari ashapeana pesa ili jamaa aharakishwe. poleni bana

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Funny argument to justify thievery. Try tell that to a judge.


This reminds me of one of my favourite series inaitwa american greed. How was he caught?

Wapi zile pesa aliiba?

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Not justifying anything and you know it too, it just an observation,

[SIZE=1]whistling through the lower lip like a shiny-eye makanga indicating the gravity of the situation[/SIZE]


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I know the desperation that you and him you are undergoing through. For those who have never been to a police cell, your freedom is very vital. The moment you get there, @pamba start abusing you. In those four corners, your mind reflects a lot of things in your entire life. Pale si mchezo

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I’m tempted to comment on this thread lakini wacha tu na mjamaa nilikuona court 1jana.

Kuja inbox ,nanusia kitunguu kwa umbali.


Haukusaidika na ile no nilikupea?

We learn something new everyday. Next time akiiba atakua veteran, ata anaeza anzisha side hustle, akuwe consultant wa kusaidia wezi wengine wakijipata kwa situeshen kama hiyo. You never know.

Industrial Area is not a joke. I almost slept there once after being caught by kanjo and unable to pay the fine. Was rescued at the last minute by a relative before nightfall but those few minutes spent there gave me an idea of what new inmates go through. Yani unapata nyani inaoga ndethe hapo nje alafu inawaambia mutaonana usiku. I swear when I heard my name called out, I ran out of that place like Usain Bolt. Your cousin by now is no longer a virgin kwa nyeni :smiley: