When push comes to shove.

Guys, for those who have MWK’s. Ok, not those short term ones or chipos . You have been having a mpango for more than a year. You have something for each other and she fills in a part of your life, which your first Lady doesn’t fulfill. Your 1st lady learns of the affair and is now raising quite a stink. Which way to go guys?
Dump the mpango or tell wifey to take it or leave it?

Weka picha kwanza, you know the drill

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Unataka picha gani, yangu, ya bibi, ya mpango ama ya the whole scenario?


any will do.

kaa na bibi yako kijana

family comes first…later you go deeper underwater…

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Wacha nipige ya scenario ni post.

usiwache bibi

Let the stink wear out and find more innovative ways to cover your tracks.

Hope the mpango knows her position in the whole set up


Mwambie tu aliolewa na fisi, na haiwes ishiwa na mizoga. You know en she already knows u’ve already crossed that line. Either way, even if she brings drama its clear on both sides that even if u do away with current MWK, another one wil crop up somewhere ahead. The hyena instinct cannot b tamed.



Mimi nataka kuku congratulate juu ya kusoma your first post, i have never seen any. Meanwhile…key thing in life, family first, whatever it takes!

@gashwin amesema yote

lol, iza bro!! you ditch none of them, just convince the wife you left the MWK for good and make it with her. the problem isnt that you had the MWK the problem is that she found out. try and shelter her and your famo from your extra curriculum activities.


Mwambie asikuchunge.

FACT: if your wife discovers and confirms that you are eating from side plates (read dishes), chances are there that 90% she will find her own MWK and have it DFHKM as revenge, even if it’s only once. Chunga sana…


who wears the pants in your relationship ?, tell wifey to take it and deal with it

Ati “tell the wife take it or leave it”…this has to be a very good woman to just “leave it”…just marry the mwk since she fills a part in your life

kama vile watu wa osungu husema ‘your goose is cooked’ i hope hii ulipost kama umesha hama dandora

Sasa huyu kwani anakuaga wapi? @old monk, wekea huyu jamaa a list of all my posts aone.

Watu wawache kuoa malaya