what's going on here

Is this where you rumble about your sexual frustrations and your perennial dryspells, don’t worry sons, Princess Love will take care of your chronic blueballs…


karibu kiti[ATTACH=full]99760[/ATTACH]

this is just sad!

Yall retarded for sure, you need a fat tight pussy in your lives…

What’s sad mister, talk to the to the princess…

Already tuko Na uncle Cabby. You are late


Late, did you have a date uncles cubby ?

Cheza chini @jigranny

@Deorro chokosh ikule mstari

Jigranny ninini, is it coded language for losers like you who harbor granny fetishes… I’m not a granny mister, I’m a beautiful princess with a tight fat pussy…

Tight. Fat.

Why do this former mistarians return here with such bitterness? It’s like the whole world owe them the attention?

Idiot ukipigwa mustari juu ya kupost umeffi unaenda pole pole ukikaukaga… sio kurudi hapa na matusi.

Tight and fat? In the same sentence?

Iyo thread exit ni kali

Can you handle it?

Hehe :D:D
Amekuya ule mnoma hehe

You’re used to the boreholes on you wenches…baby this is a royal pussy…

@Female Perspective , there is real compe from a veined tree holder who also happens to speak german and has a fest und fett one. @introvert ,content for gunia wiki hii