what's going on here

nini unatuambia wewe?


Let me finish documenting the woes of @Chifu and @bjurmann first.

Where is @uwesmake when you need him most ama ndiye huyu na handle mpya ya @Princess Love didn’t I read somewhere the bugger was taking a break from kenyatalk?

hata sio @uwesmake , we need the Waka group of handles on this one

how did you know that we rumble yet you are new villager. Please tell us, what is your old handle?

Who is uwesmake, is that the little dicked little nigger who has been banging that pussy and now you think he can tame le princess, bitch please, sit down, be humble…

Kalia hapa uache kusumbua…


Na usiamke kable ufikishe threshold!
The seat is unisex!

I have seen the posts mister, you think I just stumbled into this shit hole, you’re one slow mofo…

You slow witted little man, I have enough sits, thank you, kisses…


@Beast kujia ngombe yako moja…

Eish, that was too fast.



Or Mama shaitan… aka @aviator group of handles

:D:D:D:D:D:D Hii imenimaliza…

wapi ile gunia jameni

@Princess Love ngoja niite @Sogomba Sadamkale mupimane mucakwe

Wait she asks what is mucakwe

Tree holder

Mitini Pap!