What would you do with KSh 500k - 1m per month at age 35

No kids, no dependents. Net amount.

How would you ensure that by 40 you’ve used the money to properly set yourself up?

Just get into daily used products industries… Like…

-tomatoes pasting.
-onion value addition.
-cooking oils.
-cooking gas.
-internet products / data
-electricity / electricals…

Ideally a human bieng needs… Then do some value addition…

If you get that from your business, consider expanding through horizontal or vertical integration.

If you earn that from employment, invest the money in rental property. Don’t dare to start a business. It will take your attention off your main good hustle and will probably fail because a new business requires 100% attention for the first few years. Focus on that job and invest for passive income so that you can continue earning that 1M while growing your nut.

#This is not financial advice. Your $$ is your responsibility.

I see


If I started making 500K today, i would fuck all the bitches i could find in Nairobi, alafu nikimaliza nawatandika na pesa

The world is heading towards communism. Wewe na rentals zako utajengea watu free housing. Poor people without options will live there by force and there’s nothing you will do about it. The best investment right now should be about you and your needs. Buy a huge piece of land, get a reliable all-terrain 4WD vehicle, fence that farm and then build a very comfortable house with all amenities including water and solar energy. Buy seeds for cultivation and ammo/security. If you have too much money then consider gold and other precious stones. What happens when money no longer has value? That’s where we’re headed…dollar collapse and a NWO. Dunia imeharibika, please keep up with the times!

Word. And buy a gun (or make a homemade gun)

Laughable. That’s exactly what people said 30 years ago.

And that right there is the reason you are not earning that much!

There has never been a junction in time like this one, when the entire world has been collectively affected by one disaster. Even during the world wars and other major crises, there has NEVER been as much darkness as we have today.

Where exactly is this coming from? We are talking about property here - rentals. Mambo ya disasters imetokea wapi? HIV was a disaster too. Measles. Black plague in Europe. Etc. They didn’t affect the fundamental laws of economics where people trade goods and services for a fee. Owning rental property will serve anyone well bearing in mind that most young people will never afford their dream homes but can afford to rent.

It is common for people to say “This time it is different”, only for them to be proved wrong time and again.

sawa, you are forgetting that i would not change my lifestyle, i would just fuck more biches. Watu wengi wakipata pesa wanataka watu wajue. The trick is to keep living poor and fucking more

Rentals are a waste of money. Hiyo utajengea watoto wako.

Ok, so you think the state of affairs in the world is all hunky-dory and everything will soon bounce back to normal? Sawa.

Isn’t it obvious that the number 1 rule for any investor is to know your world and adapt accordingly? Have you talked to landlords lately??! Middle class people all over the world can’t pay their rent and it’s going to get a lot worse.

I will only say this once, unajua chameleon ako na colours ngapi? Hapa preserve energy na argument, some people were lost kitambo.

Ni kama yule school chaplain tulikuwa naye, towards end of form four vitu zikimuendea mrama akaanza drama kupreach end of times. That the whole school would be decimated by November that year :D:D:D

my 2 cents, focus on getting a good wife and a few kids wakusaidie kukula hiyo pesa, you won’t regret this decision when you look back 50 years later. As long as wanakula wanashiba na wanalala vizuri, you are free to go out and continue with the partying and make some worthwhile memories

Wisdom detected! True earthly riches is the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

“Moreover, when God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil–this is a gift of God.” Ecclesiastes 5:19

Not enough, but sustainable

Vile huyu amesema.