What the hell happened to Riverside and Lavington

What the hell has happened to riverside and lavington over the past 8 or so years?
The neighborhood is slowly and every day getting more and more infested with people that don’t belong here. The prime bank vicinity used to be the breakaway point for most people. Only few matatus were coming to the hood, now all of a sudden you go out you find big, smoke blowing matatus on the road, hawkers on the road, stupid mabati shanti dukas everywhere and random people walking around. Riverside used to be so quiet, peaceful and fresh, now its turning to another kileleshwa. And I blame it on the silly banks and other corporations with buildings in the neighborhood.
riverside close all the way to embassy of chile is a sh*t hole. Ubers on the side of the road, matatus running on the sidewalk, bodabodas being loud and unlawful.

But at least riverside, most parts of lavington and all of kileleshwa looks like one big slum. Apartments piled on top of each other, you close your eyes and you can easily forget and think you’re in eastlands, traffic everywhere, sound and noise pollution kila mahali.
Can’t these people stay and destroy their own neighborhoods? Or is it mandatory for people from other places to come destroy our peaceful neighborhoods?

Lavington Kileleshwa people were too busy fornicating and doing other sinful things to realize that they had a neighborhood to protect. It’s too late now to restore what it used to be. Karen has very strict building codes. Runda too. And the areas feel very nice as a result of vigilant neighbours caring about where they live. I wish I could live there :cool:
And if your neighbours don’t do something now it will be like Nairobi West. Not that Nairobi West is a slum but it has lost it’s former charm

You’ll have to upgrade to Karen

homeguard ivory tower dwellers…

Lol harsh but true

Ndo maana wazungu wanaenda Laikipia. Kneegers are invading the leafy suburbs

Not Karen, its Nanyuki… Karen nowadays looks like an upgarded BURUBURU.
An African makes some little money, kazi ni kufwata wazungu kama inzi kwa Mavi…

Nairobi west is just another Nairobi Ghetto, that is even worse than some eastlands estate. Na ilianza na umalaya na pombe sugu pale discount stalls early 2000’s.

Too far from amenities (westlands, town, upper hill etc)
I live in riverside because its closer to most places

Kayole is also close to all places:D

:D:D kuwa mpole kuna watu hapa wanaishi huko

You can always start your own thread where you can refer to Africans as “kneegers” and further exercise your self hate

Nanyuki has a hostile climate and it’s too far from the necessary amenities

Haha, Nairobi is just one big slum anyway. Living conditions za Githurai are just about the same na za Lavington. Poor Drainage, insecurity etc etc

Low IQ/EQ detected

My my, aren’t we presumptuous? Standing on a soapbox after making a post like this? Ironic.

I remember how peaceful, fresh and beautiful riverside-kileleshwa-lavington was in the mid 2000s to 2012/13 when the roads here were fixed.
Back then it was the real deal definition of “leafy”.
The roads meant they had to cut trees, more apartments meant cutting more trees, more roads meant more traffic, more people meant less amenities and random people in the neighborhood. We used to have 7 private roads in riverside. Now we only have 1!

I’ll tell you again, since you clearly have issues understanding words. If you have an issue with MY thread, start YOUR own thread. I’m not here to be presumptuous or otherwise to you or anybody else. Block me or ignore my posts instead of responding to me trying to gauge me like a little hurt fagg0t

You posted your thread on a public forum. People are free to air their opinions and use whatever language they want. You’re also welcome to block me so you can no longer suffer the burden of my low IQ and self hate.

Sense of entitlement. Remember you are just organic matter that will eventually rot to release all that organic matter back to where it belongs. Hii maneno ya eti karen, lavington, kileleshwa, mutimiaga na mugathuria ta andu aria angi, ngui ici. Mutige kwiigua. Nugu.