What the hell happened to Riverside and Lavington

Wewe mamako ange kumeza tu. Ni juu tu kuma yake na ndomo yake zinafanana alichanganyikiwa. Kundu

A lot of broke people say this sh*t. Are you new to Kenya? Kenya is a very classist country and will be for the rest of our lives. Get ahead of the system and ensure you and your family have a good life (healthcare,education etc). Otherwise the government will take over and have you and the rest of your ilk delivering babies on the pavement of a hospital in a country with the life expectancy of a rat.

I’m not saying you’re broke, but “if it quacks like a duck…”

For a long time they isolated themselves from normal middle class Kenyans. They made people be full of envy and want to be part of them as they shut their doors by extorting land prices and brew cartels like rules. When a door was opened it became a gate and finally a canal.

When you isolate yourself make sure you make other places isolated too to spread demand evenly. Don’t make others dirty so that you can be the only one standing out while shining. That’s what they did with their karengata associations

Was that really necessary?

Go-to high IQ response is the ad hominem

Flats/Apartments = Slum Invasion

Kama unaishi leafy suburbs uanze kuona mtu akijenga flats, that’s the end of that leafy suburb. With one comes many. Areas za Lavington zitajaa apartments in the next 10 years. Anyone with a mansion in that zone will be forced/squeezed out.

To a normal person? Not at all. To a self hating African that kisses the white man’s ass even when the white man can’t see? Definitely. I can’t stand idiots that go around putting down our own race as if well informed people are blind to the facts and history. Idiots like that fool I was responding to should’ve had pro abortionists as parents.

Land is fixed and population increases nonetheless. People will subdivide it either willingly (inheritance) or by selling it. That’s why most posh estates in Kenyan cities are now thieves infested regions juu watu wameingiaingia. Eldoret Elgon View, Shabab Naks etc

Sawa mbloh. Umenitusi na umetusi mama yangu because I used a word you didn’t like. You further used your brilliant mind to deduce that I’m a self hating low IQ African who kisses the white man’s ass and who puts down his own race. All based on conjecture. Sawa mbloh. Umeshinda.

Sikuizi ukitaka leafy achana na kile and Kilimani. Lavi is still not too bad yet. These were leafy pre-2000. Sikuizi ni high-rise na office blocks. Leafy nowadays is Karen, Nyari estate, Runda, Gigiri… places where you get nice fenced houses with big compounds without any highrise building/office blocks.

Look at a case like Karen where DP Anko Ruto, Raira, Musyoka among others stay. Giddy has a house in Nyari Estate and so on. People who owned land in places like kile are either putting up apartments, selling their houses where apartments will be built, or partnering with developers to put up apartments.

Hao watu watajenga hizo amenities uone watu wakiwafuata huko

We are all want to feel part and parcel to

Somebody informed me that Runda does not allow subdivisions lower than 1/4 acre. Huko hakuna zile zetu za :smiley: 50X100

Discounts, that was my joint back in the day, after kupitia mutura base flani opposite

Ukienda Runda na story za 50x100 utafukuzwa na tear gas :smiley:

Runda is 1/2 acre minimum.





Urban planning that was left by the colonizers ran its course during Kenyatta 1 years and slowly began withering to what we have now. Mwafrika bado ako primal stage ya survival, so things like order and serenity doesn’t appeal to him. Thats why they will fell trees with reckless abandon, litter everywhere, put up shanties, bla bla. A poor mind is a confused mind…that’s why even the air smells different in affluent areas and 5 blocks away in the neighboring slum, it is hell on earth. In this life, strive to be affluent…it is sad seeing such neighborhoods converted into concrete jungles without a plan. I feel you @kichwakubwa

Peasant talk peleka kwenu

As if kuna kitu ya maana umesema