What have we been missing on Turkana water ?

Uhuru Government stand was that, the water was saline and here’s Ruto administration.


Fossil water such as the one used in n Libya.

Those waters will only be used 50+ years from today, once Northern Rangelands Trust has all the land and is the sole beneficiary of those waters,

Mwafrika bana. I have been having a feeling something doesn’t add up on this water

Water is the new money. Wouldnt be surprised if the land was bought off since day one…and you thought Mad Max movie was crazy imagination.
After what Mexican officials called the worst drought in Mexican history, pushing most farmers into extreme poverty,the Sinaloa Cartel seized water resources as a lucrative new business. Using water trucks, pipelines and an army of lookouts, the cartel is siphoning water from all bodies of water in the mountains of the northern state of Chihuahua.

Turkana has also a lot of potential for surface water sources. Just require investment in dams and pans

Have you tried religion or education? You need some form of transformation, unlearn and learn something new. Thinking that ruto is a god who will resolve all your issues will take you down a road you’ll never come back from.

hujui kusoma? nani ametaja ruto? nimesema io maji haitatumika na generation yetu,

While I acknowledge your efforts in processing the matter, I also understand its your front teeth doing the reasoning for you.

wacha ukabila.

I gave up once there were some talkers who argued that Kenya doesn’t have adequate water.

By just utilizing 10% of the funds allocated to Turkana county for the past 10 years on solar powered boreholes, wangekua na 4,000 boreholes with a capacity of 32,000,000 litres of water per hour. Nanok & Munyes knew this but it seems they enjoy their peoples suffering.

You started all this nonsense. Grab a seat it’s going to be a long journey.

Politicians hardly care.
Where’s Nanok and Munya now? They’re hanging on the new wave, waiting for appointments.

Turkana is actually water surplus, only that the water is not harvested and stored


You are trying but this is not entirely true

Kindly highlight where I need to improve.

Fafanua kidogo

David Ndii, his heart and mind are in the right place but his trust is in the wrong place. I hope and pray he doesn’t get disappointed and walk out to join an opposition outfit and spend the rest of his gîtheri life lamenting and cursing the powers that be