What have we been missing on Turkana water ?

The last and fiercest battle on earth will be fought over water

Canada wako na 25% of the world fresh water banae. Wakiamua kukata supply to California; nugu za Cali zinarudi kuishi kwa desert bila maji.

The number of boreholes that money would drill and yield.

For ground water government has control even on private land. Surface water is only one where government can’t really control. But if it is of strategic interest the government can involved or even the law can be changed

Do you know Northern Rangelands Trusts?Do you know the real owners?

Btw its one of the reason that mama is US ambassador here.

It is going to be interesting,Ndii says the agricultural potential of Turkana exceeds Kiambu or Central province.Marsabit too exceeds Central province,yet they are undefunded.

The two counties are larger than Rwanda,Djibout,Israel and they have the capacity to feed the whole of Kenya.

I agree with him but I don’t trust JSKS.Lets wait and see.

Wacha insinuations. At least Ebrufy kiasi…

Sijui. Who are the owners?

:smiley: ni sawa kasee. Najua kuna nyoka among us. Cheza chini

Tulimaliza campaigns kitambo, so this Deep state narrative is now stale. The Govt should just deliver. Start by sinking wells into those aquifers and distributing the much-needed resource. Kutuambia Northern Rangelands Trusts mara US [B]High Commissioner [/B]is here … sijui who is supposed to be impressed.

Ingieko YouTube, search “water wars”. Utashangaeko.

lake turkana acquifer is the biggest acquifer in AFrica. We have enough water to feed the whole of Africa no questions asked. It is only a matter of time until we tap that fat reservoir that has been accumulating since the dinosaurs when lake turkana was a giant marshland

Theories tu… I can also say that Somalia’s potential exceeds that of Israel and Netherlands.
The reality though on the ground has shown that size means nothing and IQ is what matters.
Our problem is low IQ farmers and not lack of land

If kila kitu itakuwa developed via PPP what is the point of having a government?

I have one in machakos,

  1. Hydro geology 50k
  2. EIA + PERMIT 50K
  3. Drilling is 5- 6K per metre so 200 metres = 1M- 1.2M.

Some counties like Trans nzoia have government owned drilling machines so the cost is subsidized.

I would disagree, with this.
First crop water demand in turkana is atleast 3 times kiambu, and like all of it will have to be irrigation. If you factor evaporation losses in water pans and dam reservoirs the investment needed is massive.
Again the cultural practices there is mainly pastoralism.
While in kiambu, and some other areas just a little to moderate investment in agriculture could allow for more intensive production that could feed turkana easy

When you drill in turkana come back with your breakdown

  1. If enough manure is incorporated in any type of soil, water loss become minimal( soil becomes spongy so it holds moisture longer). Closed Greenhouses generate heat which is equivalent or slightly more than Turkana.

  2. A crop taking 4 months to mature in Kiambu will take 2.5 months in Turkana, the higher the temperatures the faster the crop growth.

  1. Tell us about evapotranspiration in turkana vs in kiambu.
  2. You clearly have absolutely no idea about how crops grow

Small scale Vegetable Farming has been going on along river Turkwell for long, conflicts between farmers & herders discouraged most farmers.

You can’t challenge me on crop and livestock production, that’s my field of training & practice.