What do you wish you knew or did in early 20s

For me I think I would have focussed on my career more made closer bonds with people who could be true friends,drank akoho to my tolerance rate(na ngwai) more often than not and stopped chasing puthy coz raha huwa haiishi…what about you

I’m only 21

for me i would have been patient with my side hustles and learn all the tricks saa hii naumia kwingine because sikuweka mikakati when i was younger

Weka mikakati wazi for the sake of vijanaa wakijiji

vijanaa na waonea huruma hawana patience mimi patience kuna vile ime nisaidia kiasi

picked up an instrument, work out, read meditations, the prince & 48 laws of power everyday…

I would have invested much much more if I did know the direction to my nearest malls and the dates of the sales in expensive outlets nkt…sasa nikiona mall my head hurts kiasi. I shopped like the world was coming to an end, things I never wore. The pound was v strong then against the shilling. It took my late dad’s intervention to show me where to put my money and I will always remain eternally grateful.

But kusoma nilisoma kiasi. Never lost that focus…so nakulia hiyo tuu kwa sasa.

Elaborate for the sake of vijana wetu baba

No way

Reason I love KTalk. You come across golden nuggets like these.

Wish i had approached all those hot chics who i thought were out of my league.

Ningeweza kuweka soo moja kila week from that age…

You need to be twenty, normal twenty. Knowing at 20 what a 40 year old knows makes your life very weird. I am glad that when I was 20, I didnt know then the shit I know now. It would have fucked up my life: I would not have drunk nearly as much, I would not have screwed nearly as much, I would not have driven those old junks nearly as fast…I think those memories help me make better decisions now.

I wouldn’t have gone to a public university.
Total waste of time and resources.
Instead, I would have looked for a jobbo, stabilize myself financially, then self sponsor in a private university.

O RLY?(copied)

Mkubwa, ile recipe ya pineapple beer did you manage to brew the beer? Where did you get the yeast? Nimeisaka online jumia, siioni

Toivo was the ultimate time killer.:smiley:
We would buy yeast from Nairobi.

You see, in a public university you had little or no choice regarding the degree . It was forced down your throat based on clusters.
By getting a job, say Accounts based immediately I cleared fourth form at 18, I would have gained the necessary job skills and experience for around 6 years. At 24 when my age mates clearer college, I would start parallel Accounts based degree which I would clear at age 28.
By this time the guy who went to college would be in his 3rd year of experience, while I would be in my 10th year and probably up the ladder.
My side hustles would have grown at the same time. By age 30, I would have cleared my masters and probably ventured into my side hustle full time. At 30 the other guy is still struggling to clear HELB loan as well as fit in by buying a car on loan or moving to a bigger house…

I had to fuck alot of women to settle with the one I’m with now. I realized you can never satisfy lust. I drank alot. I drank so much alcohol. I hardly finish two beers now. I made less memories when drunk. I left school to pursue business. I dont regret. I’m working on getting a different degree.
I dont regret alot. I lived my life then. I lived it good. I had more fun drinking cheap liquor. I made more memories drinking alcohol I cannot taste now…
Following my impulses was the best thing I did then. It made me great memories.
I follow something totally different now but I’m happy. It will give me the necessary memories.
I have lived.

Hahaha toivo. The last I heard that was when I was in Lenana and guys used to sneak to Riruta to drink it. You could tell the toivo drinkers because the normal maroon sweaters with toivo spillage would turn orange.