What do you want in 2023?

In the past three days, I have been reading the user suggestions section and I agree very many, great suggestions have been made and most should be implemented in the coming days. Nothing will affect the core functionality of the forum but then make it a better place.

Most of them will be User Interface wise etc.

Easy to search and locate past content.

Easy to post video content and play videos without clicking links again- A general UI issue

Easy to navigate threads and even get popular topics per day, weekly, monthly or even yearly and quarterly

Also, there is a user who suggested something about duplicate threads and for instance, someone posting sports issues in the politics section- I think this is an issue with moderation.

New users may find it hard to navigate and even post, suggestions on how this can be solved are welcome.

Do you need to access the forum through something like a mobile app for both android and IOS and get alerts just like other social media apps?

Let us keep sending suggestions.

Sleek new modern forums look but Ktalk brand identity remains.

Oyaaah…fungulia IP address yangu… kwa nini unataka nikubembeleze

kijiji iko sawa vile iko

Brare fuuuuu wewe ndio elins mask wa kijiji? Kufa

I will suggest what worked once in a vibrant Kenyan forum…enable Live chat…for those who are online to converse anonymously…na unipe moderator status kama shukran…that alone imetosha for a start…

Live chat creates a lot of traffick…

Ability to change username whenever one feels like

Ability to delete your own account

Handle gani Mdau?

Chesa shini Wagīthomo

I can help if needed…and would be glad to see it happen asap…mod or mod…:D…openAI coders…

We need live chat room(s)

No need for an app. I find it more okay on the web. Acha ibaki tu hivi app itaharibu:D:D

Unpin all threads , search is dead, tutafikia Reddit lini

Kila kitu yenye umesema iko sawa alafu unpin all pinned threads.

A feature to identify gender

All pinned threads unpinned. Pertaining to the search, I have outlined in the post how it will be done because the forum is big. In the next few days we will introduce live search where when you search something eg " Jobs in Kenya" posts automatically pop up

We will give users full control of their content and username change etc but usernames will for instance be changed after every 30 days. For deleting threads, someone will have the first 30 minutes to do that, after that, only admins can do that.

My thought though. Those that want the app get it, those that prefer web go for web. But instant apps are good now that we are also introducting LIVE CHATS

Live chat is coming.

Cant view pictures on threads from 2018 going back.

Still on search and viewing. Many people have raised this issue too. Looking at it and will communicate

I handle yangu…cunt use my home Wi-Fi…mimi kama birrionea lazima niende kukutana na hoi polli ndio niingie Kijiji???[ATTACH=full]495386[/ATTACH]