What do you want in 2023?

Nah… Allow change of titles instead. Don’t need people reinventing themselves every month.

I would like to hear other members’ views on this…

No changing handles please

Handles remain. Thread I agree 30 minutes to change your mind

Return sokwemtu to vyadivostok maximum prison :D:D:D

Zima VPN.

I second buckets. We are already used to some people’s names. Some very common users have even been given nicknames like electronics4u is called waturedio. The site has become a hobby like a second family. Just like buckets has put it titles is okay but name should be concrete

Kick @chap @digi @jmoy @messiahette @ChifuMbitika @Pastorde out of kenyatalk they are worse than polio

@administrator nilikusalimia juzi ukanilenga

:D:D:D @administrator salamu ni za Mungu

I agree

He is very right, hii LIVE CHAT itakua na features gani? Audio chat?

You are notorious of recycling lanye stories kwa ile thread yako ya kuglorify immorality, pamoja na ile handle yako @Dzunza

Audio hapana just a live chat that can be done between two people of group live chat.

Tofauti ya live chat na izi discussions zingine ni gani?

Ability to conduct ktalk weddings;

Kuna time nakumbuka mlijaribu kuchange UI mkatoa huyu jamaa :D, the whole village went berserk. Never introduce woke emojis here, we love the ones we have

No need of changing usernames

Add the possibility for Users to share, upload resources especially Tech Related Resources.

introduce an option whereby i can go live on video like on Facebook