What do chics take us for....??

Sometime towards the end of 2013, I had business to transact in a forex bureau.I went to this forex and the chic who attended to me was a hot and voluptous mama from Kirinyaga.My transaction had an issue so I spent considerable time with her as she sorted me out.Towards the end of the transaction, team mafisi instinct had long kicked in and I innocently asked for her contact incase I needed any further assistance to which she obliged.I didn’t call her back that day, nor the next, I called after 3 days, chatted her up and asked innocently if I could take her for a coffee to which she hesistantly replied that maybe on a weekend.
Deal done, we met on a Saturday afternoon.Seeing her approach my table at our selected venue set my heart racing, she was dressed in a red micro mini and a top that threatened to spill out the contents of her ample chest, I felt rather proud seeing all the hungry eyes from men, even those who had their own female company follow her all the way to where I sat.We chatted till evening and i learned she never took alcohol so it was coffee, coffee and more coffee.We met 3 more times and each time I told her how i longed to sample the goodies, she would laugh and tell me to be patient.
Then it started, in December she told me she wanted to go home urgently, that her mum was sick, could I be so kind as to give her transport home.I did.We kept contact and she gave me daily updates and towards that Christmas, she called to say her mum had passed away…funeral arrangements bla bla bla, I sent her money.Come January, she came back, asked to meet me, I did, but on getting to the venue found she was with a younger sister who was supposedly in form 2.T o cut long story short, she wanted money for the sisters’ uniform and school fees.I sensed I was being set up big time and started giving excuses.She would call, text and ask to meet me and all this time all she wanted was money.I refused.Whenever I asked for the goodies, she would say I give her time, she wasn’t settled, she had so much on her mind to enjoy sex bla bla bla.I got fed up and cut all communication.She would call occasionally and say how much she missed me, I couldn’t be moved.

Early December 2014, the chic sends me this text…'Hi love, it’s been long.I still love you very much and wanted to tell you I got a bouncing baby boy yesterday.Wish you happy holidays"

I felt like looking up that bitch and strangle her for real!!


Nice story. Pole sana. Yaani you never sampled the goods and she had the guts to tell you that she had a baby?
Hapo ni kama ulikuwa unakatia ngombe nyasi ilhali kuna jamaa mwingine anakamua maziwa jioni.


Hehehehe you got suckered big time. Anyway. Its been like five years for me since I gave a woman money

Mimi labda niku patie doh kama nishawai, else ntakuliza kama hio job yako ulalipwa na njugu karanga.madem ni wengi na if she can’t appreciate a coffee,lunch or beer date anipatie hio kitu, on to the next.

p.s don’t waste more than two dates before sampling the goodies.

P.s.s It’s more devastating if your wait is too long alafu the vajayjay smells ama ni mtaro imejaa maji


That was an investment you took.all investments have risks.

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first date in a hotel second one in bed no money before goods are seen and tasted

That is why I have developed the habit of taking the first date either at my local, in the evening or we travel to Machakos or Matuu or wherever, actually I have a policy, akiniomba pesa haraka sana, that will be the last communication we have between me and her, hata hiyo sms ya kuomba sita reply. nimekosana na wengi sana but I always end up dodging a bullet, trust me the pussy was the carrot and she could see through your hyena eyes that you were dying to demolish her honey pot


I said here and i will say it again women are smart and you have to give them that.
The day you did that transaction was the day she hatched her plans all along you were playing her game and according to her rules.
It was a must for you to lose.

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Tuko pamoja…and I always give the prior warning to that effect

Kuna madem wa aina mbili…those who drink alcoho and those who don’t. Those who drink ni wa aina mbili, those who drink and put it on head and those who drink put it on head and steal from you the next morning. those who don’t drink ni wa aina mbili, those who drink coffee and ask for money and those who drink coffee, put it on head and ask for money.

If you are wise, you will know all these types.

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@Mathice ! you are not alone many of us have gone through this but as @ stunner have put it, on the second date Kiria must be on the head! if it goes past that , sorry you have just gotten yourself a social friend so be ready to help here and there expecting no returns thereafter.

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The question I have always asked myself is what did she expect by sending me that last text…a present for delivering a baby boy?

May be she thinks you were too smitten (and dumb) to throw away the opportunity of a re-match.Let’s call it adding insult to injury.

Whea is the guy with a Profile “I FUCK ON THE 1st DATE” pliz help this lost sheep

Don’t be surprised to learn that the mum is alive and kicking or that the sister was actually a friend she was ready to use to get more money from you.

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She wants you to bang her so you can contributes to raising her kid. Her timing was wrong I’m sure she must have tried and failed to find you when she was conceiving. I know a guy who was set up that way and is now proudly raising another man’s child akisema ni wake.


Na mimi nitakuuliza swali, mbona uko on a fact finding mission to which the end result is more pain for you? Cut your losses and move on. Don’t let her hold you hostage with your anger while she’s out there giving birth to other men’s babies.

Most likely she doesn’t think of you if a tenth of as much as unamjaza akilini. Do yourself a favour and move on.


Bro you were entertaining someones lady. And guess what? The other bloke DF-ing her couldnt even afford the coffee.
I am uncompromising when it comes to women. If I see pride in the first instance, I just ignore the woman. I am never ready to run after a person all over town. I only go for people with interest in me. If you try to prove something by running after a narcissistic angel, you will be getting the beating all the time. Even when you get DF, its limited so you will always be like a dog salivating always and ready to waste your time and money on her.


Being a man is a lifetime calling

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